Saira Jesani

For kids only:

Though currently based in New York City, Saira grew up on the Eastern Coast of Africa in Kenya - not too far from the incredible game reserves and savannahs that house all sorts of wild animals such as leopards and giraffes. She soon moved on to Ghana (on the Western Coast of Africa), where she spent most of her free time swimming in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Soon after that, she was sent to boarding school on Vancouver Island in Canada. As part of her science class, she played a large role in the school’s salmon hatchery. It was a place where she could take care of salmon (fish that are born in fresh water, migrate to the oceans, and return to fresh water to have baby fish). Not many of these salmon managed to brave the ocean waters to return to the fresh water to reproduce, which is why the salmon hatchery played a role in making sure the salmon population in the area didn’t die out.

Right after boarding school, Saira was sent to Beirut - the capital city of Lebanon in the Middle East. There, she finished her high school. She learned so much about bacteria and viruses in science class that she decided to study more of it at university. And that’s exactly what she did at McGill University in Canada. She soon developed a passion for writing about science, which took her to her next job as writer at the award-winning Seed Magazine. She’s super psyched to write about all sorts of science for you guys. If you want to read about certain topics, just email her and let her know!


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