June 29, 2012

Aren’t you glad to be on summer break? We are too, here at the Seymour Science blog. That doesn’t mean we stop writing altogether, though. Instead, we switch over to SUMMER VACATION SCIENCE!

I am always looking around me when I am in the outdoors, observing the clouds and thinking about the weather, watching animals busily going about their work, admiring the fields of corn that have sprung up, seemingly out of nowhere, in the last few weeks.

I usually have my camera with me, and I am often taking photographs of what I see. So as you come to my blog this summer, you will find me posting photographs and writing about the magnificent nature that I see all around me. It won’t be on a regular schedule (we’re on vacation, after all!), but I will write whenever I see something that I think my readers will be interested in.

I always love to hear from you all, too. If you take a photograph of an animal, plant, rock or cool weather that you want to share, click on "SEND US PHOTOS/VIDEO" (in yellow at the top of every page on this blog) and send it my way!

Happy Summer!
- Seymour 


Photo: Michael A. Simon 

Posted by: Seymour Simon

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