July 2, 2010

As we all head off for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, there may be a few mishaps as weekend sailors attempt to bring canoes, kayaks and sailfish neatly into the dock. When it comes to docking, NASA has started its holiday weekend off with a bang!

 The unmanned Progress 38 cargo ship, packed with 2.5 tons of supplies for the International Space Station (clean clothes, fresh food, etc) lost its telemetry lock while it was attempting to dock and flew right past the ISS today. NASA says the crew was never in any danger and the supplies were not critical. There were, however, reportedly some little personal treats included for each of the astronauts resident on the space station - a classic "Wait, come back!" kind of moment.

Have a great Fourth everyone. We’re taking the long weekend off here at Seymour Science and will be back blogging on Tuesday.

- Seymour

Posted by: Seymour Simon

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