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My awesome word is zircon. 

Zircons are solid minerals that come in many different colors and can be transparent (see through) crystals used as gemstones.

I think the word zircon is awesome, not only because of how the word looks and sounds, but also because I like learning about different minerals found in the Earth.

Yesterday, my friends and I went to a cave full of crystals and my favorite one was a green, transparent zircon.

Brandon, 4th Grade, Ms. Kochersperger, Penn Valley Elementary

Posted by Brandon  on  01/08  at  10:03 PM

I like the word venom.

Venom is a poison that snakes, spiders and fish can kill it or make something still so they can eat it.

The little girl screamed in pain when the snake bit her and released its venom.

Penn Valley 2nd grade (Austin) Mrs. D’Emidio

Posted by Austin  on  01/08  at  10:46 PM

I picked the word amoeba.

Amoebas are one celled organism with a jelly like body that move by changing shape.

The word Amoeba is awesome because its so small but can do so much.

My brother is an amoeba.

2nd Grade Mrs. D’Emidio PennValley

Posted by christopher  on  01/08  at  10:53 PM

Matter that is found underground that is not made up of living things.

In science class We looked for minerals in rocks, I loved to see all the colors inside the rocks and point out the minerals inside!

Petroleum is a mineral used in our home, cars and industries.

Posted by jenna  on  01/08  at  11:18 PM

My awesome word is “Quantum Mechanics”

Defintion in my own words: Quantum mechanics explains how particles and atoms act with each other.

Why my word is awesome: I think my word is awesom because it involves atoms and I like atoms because they deal with electricity and I like electricity.

Sentence:Quantum mechanics help me understand how certain structures move.

Posted by Evan  on  01/09  at  03:01 PM

My Awesome Science Word is “Whirlpool”

Definition in my own words: A current of water which carries things in the center and pulls them down.

My word is awesome because it is interesting how a whirlpool pulls objects down into the water.

Sentence: When I am swimming in my pool we make a whirlpool, so that the dirt will go to the center of the pool and we can clean it.

Angelina Oxford Valley/Mrs. Raven

Posted by Angelina  on  01/09  at  03:14 PM

My awesome word is “Water Cycle”

Definition in my own words: It starts in the ocean and water evaporates, condenses into clouds and falls back to the earth as rain or snow and returns to the ocean.

My word is awesome because it explains why it rains and snows.

Sentence: I could be drinking water that was once on the snout of a T-Rex because the water cycle keeps continuing.

Emily Oxford Valley/Mrs. Raven


Posted by Emily  on  01/09  at  03:21 PM

My awesome word is “dam”

definition: A dam is a huge wall that is built across a body of water to control how the water flows.

I think it is awesome because a dam can hold back a lot of water.

My sentence:  The Hoover Dam can hold a lot of water back so it doesn’t get too full.

Sierra Oxford Valley/Mrs. Raven

Posted by Sierra  on  01/09  at  03:25 PM

My awesome word is “Taste Buds”

Definition in my own words:Taste buds are cells that are mostly found on the upper surface of your tounge.They help you taste sweet, salty, and sour.

Why is it awesome: My word is awesome because your taste buds tell you if you like food or drinks.

Sentence: My taste buds told me that the chips were very salty when I ate them.

:Jayden Oxford Valley/Mrs.Raven

Posted by Jayden  on  01/09  at  03:31 PM

My awesome word is Frost

Definition in my own words:Frost is a beautiful ice crystal that forms a pattern in cold climates.

Why it is awesome:It is awesome because it is cool when it forms different patterns like a snowflake.

Using it in a sentence:When it gets cold look out for frost you can see the different patterns on your window.

Abby Oxford Valley/Mrs. Raven

Posted by abby  on  01/09  at  03:40 PM

Our awesome science word is aquarium.

An aquarium is a tank where animals and plants live in water.

We think is it awesome because we learned about and built one in Science.

You can see the pretty and unusual plants and animals in the aquarium.

Mrs. Hearn’s First Grade Class, Village Park Elementary School

Posted by Mrs. Hearn's First Grade Class  on  01/09  at  03:52 PM

Our word is Dry Ice

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide that is -107 degrees farenheit or colder.

Dry ice is interesting because it keeps food cold while it gets shipped to your house.

When a metal spoon touches dry ice, it makes a high pitched squeaky sound.

Posted by Mrs. Caron's class  on  01/09  at  05:00 PM

My awesome science word is autopsy.

An autopsy is an investigation to find the reason of death.

The word autopsy is awesome because an autopsy can lead to so many questions and so many answers about the cause, which can lead to even more questions with even more answers.

The vet did an autopsy on the puppy to see why she died.

5th grade   Mrs. Laughead   Penn Valley

Posted by Mikayla  on  01/09  at  07:05 PM

I chose the word hail.
        It is frozen raindrops that look like frozen balls of ice. Hail is made in thunderclouds, it also comes down hard because of strong winds.

I think the word hail is awesome because I have always wanted to learn more about hail and what it is. It is also cool because of its form.

You have to be careful during storms, especially strong hail storms.

4th grade Penn Valley Ms.Kochersperger

Posted by Amanda  on  01/09  at  08:12 PM

shadow - a shadow is something you see when you stand in a light or the suns light
    i like that word because it sounds and looks cool and i love the word



Kayla   Mrs.Kochersperger   Grade 4 Penn Valley

Posted by Kayla  on  01/09  at  08:51 PM

My awsome science word is Umbra.
Umbra is the darkest part of a shadow.
The word is awsome because it is the shadow of something that most everything and everyone has.

Posted by Andrew  on  01/09  at  09:00 PM

Definition: Rainbow-A big arc of colors that form when the sun shines through rain or water.

Rainbows are awesome because it’s amazing how the light forms the colors through the water.

Sentence- I’ve seen a double rainbow and it’s an astonishing sight!

Victor, Village Park, 4th Grade, Mrs. Bria

Posted by Victor  on  01/09  at  09:44 PM

My word is acceleration.
  It means to change directions and then to have a burst of speed.

  My word is AWESOME because I do it all the time and it’s part of my life.

  My coach told me I had to use acceleration while I was warming up for soccer practice.

4th grade, Ms.Kochersperger, Penn Valley Elementary School

Posted by Grace  on  01/09  at  10:11 PM

My AWESOME science word is Chemical!
The defention for chemical is “A chemical is an element used in chemistry!
I think my word is awesome beacause you can do so many fun things with chemicals!
Using my awesome science word in a sentence i came up with this “In science today we were experimenting with chemicals!
      Caitlyn Warrell, Penn Valley, Mrs.Laughead

Posted by caitlyn  on  01/10  at  12:26 AM

My awesome science word is earthshine

The faint light visible on the black surface of the moon. Earthshine is caused by the sunlight that is blocked on the moon by the earth

Earthshine is awesome because you can see it on the moon.

Earthshine allows me to see the moon from my backyard.

Oxford Valley/Mrs. Raven

Posted by Blake  on  01/10  at  02:03 PM

My awesome science word is “galaxy”

A system containing over one millon stars in the whole entire galaxy.

It is awesome because the sun is only medium sized,there are 100 billon stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

using it in a setence:
Our galaxy has lots of plants and stars,Also there are one millon stars in the galaxy.

Dennis Oxford Valley/Mrs. Raven

Posted by Dennis  on  01/10  at  02:06 PM

My awesome word is the Solar System

Definition in my own words:
It’s the sun and all the planets, moons, comets, asteriods, and other objects that revolve around it. Earth is surounded by all the planets.

Why it is awesome:The Solar System is awesome because there is no gravity and you can float and there is no ground to touch and it feels like you are swimming.

Using it in a scentence:
The Solar System is like a magical force so when you are on earth there is gravity but when you go into space there is no gravity and you go into a whole another demension.

Oxford Valley/Mrs. Raven

Posted by kayla  on  01/10  at  02:08 PM

My word is diagnosis.

A diagnosis is a ploblem that is idenified by a profession.

Diagnosis is an awesome word because you can overcome your problems.

I had a reading diagnosis then a teacher helped me to overcome it.

Derek 5th grade Mrs. Miley Fallsington Elementary.

Posted by Derek  on  01/10  at  03:21 PM

My word is ichthyology

Ichthyology is a scientist studying fish
. Ichthyology is an awesome word because you get to go different places to study the fish.

I use ichthyology when i study fish at the aquarium.
Izaiah Mrs.Miley Fallsington

Posted by Izaiah  on  01/10  at  03:29 PM

An ecosystem is a community where every living thing is in balance with eveything else.

I think it is awesome because everything always works out in an ecosystem.

When an animal becomes extinct the ecosystem becomes messed up.

Posted by Hannah  on  01/10  at  03:36 PM
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