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Fun, Intresting.

Posted by Cyrus  on  09/22  at  01:46 AM

Dear Seymour,
We want to thank you so much for your generosity at the recent NCTE national convention. Not only did you donate more than a dozen books to our book drive, but you signed ALL of the books! As we were telling you at your signing, the chapter of the National English Honor Society at Chippewa Falls Senior High School is collecting new books for children for our community’s literacy program. Volunteers help inmates at the Chippewa County Jail make recordings of themselves reading books for the inmates’ children. The books and recordings are then given to the children for Christmas. This is the 7th year we have done the book drive, and we are so grateful for your beautiful books and the generous spirit in which they were given. Best wishes for continued success.

Warren and Pam Bowe
English Teachers
Chippewa Falls, WI

Posted by Warren Bowe  on  11/26  at  09:37 PM

Insect A:  Moth

A moth has smooth looking wings.
And it has antennae that face the side.

Insect B:  Butterfly
A butterfly has furry looking wings.
Also it has balls at the end of the antennae.

Posted by Zach 5Cip  on  11/28  at  03:03 PM

I think that insect A is a moth because it has dull, pale color and has its wings laying down, which signifies that it is a moth. Insect B is a butterfly because it has its wings pointed upward and has brilliant and vivid colors.

Posted by Aden  on  11/29  at  01:29 PM

I think pic.1 is a moth and pic.2 is a butterfly

pic1 looks dark and it has a dark background
pic2 it is bright and colorful

Posted by tony  on  11/29  at  02:53 PM

Insect A
1.usually bright colors
2.wings erect and held together wile resting

Insect B
1.Is feathery
2.Attracted to light

Posted by Michelle 3H  on  11/30  at  11:55 AM

Insect A: Moth
1.A moth is not as colorful as the butterfly
2.A lot of moths come out at night not day.

Insect B: Butterfly
1. There are more different kinds of butterfly’s than moths
2. Butterfly’s usually come out in the day

Posted by Kevin 3H  on  11/30  at  11:57 AM

insect A: moth is brown leaf color is fatter

insect B: butterfly is way more colorful has a cube shaped tip

Posted by will  on  11/30  at  11:58 AM

I think insect A is a moth because
it has pointy winges
and it is not harry.

Posted by Nadia  on  11/30  at  12:35 PM

Insect A: Moth
1.Wings open when not flying
2.Antennae does not have clubs at the end
Insect B: Butterfly
1.Wings closed when not flying
2.Antennae has clubs at the end

Posted by Brian 4V  on  11/30  at  01:26 PM

Insect A: moth
1. The moth when it rests it has open wings
2.moths have feathery antennae
Insect B: butterfly
1.It has open wings when it rest
2.flies during the day

Posted by Evelyn 4  on  11/30  at  01:27 PM

Insect A
1. I think insect A is a mouth because it has a feathery antennae
2. Also   because its wings are down
1, I think it is a butter fly because it has a club on its antennae.
2. Also because because a butterfly is colorful

Posted by Walter 4V  on  11/30  at  01:29 PM

Thank you for coming to our school !

                      smile  smile  smile  smile  smile

Posted by Brian 4V  on  11/30  at  01:32 PM

Insect A: Moth
1. Wings look like train of wedding gown
2. Antenne is feathery

Insect B: Butterfly
1. Wings are colorful
2.Antennae is like club like with a swollen tip

Posted by Vaishu  on  11/30  at  02:17 PM

Insect a:
1. moth
2.wings are smaller and look like a different texture.

insect b:
1. Butterfly
2.Is bigger than insect a and has a different shape in its body

Posted by Brooke 5m  on  11/30  at  02:17 PM

Insect A:Moth
1.It rests with it’s wings out like a wedding gown.
2.It usually fly’s at night and it is attracted.

Insect B:Butterfly
1.It rests with it’s wings closed up.
2.It usually fly’s in the daytime.

Posted by Jacob 4m  on  12/01  at  01:16 PM

insect a :moth
1.insect a is a moth because moths have feathery antennaes and butterflies don’t.
2.insect a is a moth because a moths wings are open wide when it is sitting down and a butterflies wings are closed when it sits down.
insect b:butterfly
1.insect b is a butterfly because a butterfly has bright colors and moths don’t.
2.insect b is a butterfly because a butterfly is active in the day and a moth is active in the night.

Posted by Gracie 4m  on  12/01  at  01:31 PM

Insect A Moth:
1.antennae are feathery
2. come out in the night(are attracted to light)

Insect B Butterfly:
1.antennae are like clubs
2. come out in the day

Posted by Deepti  on  12/01  at  02:24 PM

Insect A: Moth
1.  I think insect A. is a moth because of the curved feather like antennae.

2.  I also think that Insect A. is a moth because of the dull but light color; like color of the wings.

3. i also think Insect A. is a moth because the background color looks grayish black and moth’s are active in the night.

Insect B: Butterfly
1. I think insect B. is a butterfly because of the long antennae with a club like shape on top of the antennae. It’s very distinctive

2.  I think Insect B. is also a butterfly because of the bright and bold color of the wings.

3. I think Insect B. is a butterfly because in the background it looks light and summery and butterflies are active in the day.

Posted by Caitlin 5-Co  on  12/01  at  02:29 PM

Dear Mr. Simon,
We can’t wait to meet you tomorrow!  We tried your contest about Insect A and Insect B and we think, Insect A is a moth and Insect B is a butterfly.
We made this decision because we raised monarch butterflies early this fall.  We noticed that Insect B has it wings closed while resting on the leaf and we learned that butterflies rest with their wings closed.  We noticed that Insect A had its wings opened which gave us the clue it was a moth.  We also noticed that their antennas on Insect B were smooth and had a rounded end just like our monarchs did.
Insect A did not.  We read that moths have feather like antennas.
See you tomorrow morning!
Mrs. Weber’s Kindergarten Class

Posted by Mrs. Weber's Kindergaraten Class-  on  12/01  at  05:38 PM
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