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Wow, that was sure a nice poem

Posted by Zanna  on  03/03  at  01:30 PM

The most common clouds are the cumulus, cirrus and stratus. The cumulus clouds are formed when warm air rises which makes cloud shapes that look like cotton balls with a flat bottoms. The cirrus cloud does not bring rain it indecates that warm fronts are approaching. The startus clouds are formless clouds, they are thick, grey clouds that usally cover the whole sky.
You are most likely to see a cumulus cloud on a fair weather day. The cumulus cloud looks like a floating cotton ball and it has a life time of 5-40 minutes.

Posted by morgan  on  03/05  at  02:28 PM

Your book about bears , i love. There is one type of bear that looks like a walrus . It is the sloth bear . i found out it lives in India and Sri Lanka.  i can’t believe bears   can be tan, blue, and even white!

Posted by Myauta  on  03/05  at  02:29 PM

The three common types of clouds are Cirrus Clouds,Cumulus Clouds, Stratus clouds. Cumulus Clouds is when warm air rises and condenses which look like cotton balls with flat bottoms. The Cirrus Clouds are the highest forming clouds. At 18,00 feet rising they are thin , fibrous, white clouds which spread across the sky. Stratus Clouds are flat formless clouds which can occur at any altitude.  They are gray and thick.  The cloud that you would see on a fair weather day is cumulus.  They are mostly observed during the summer months and look like puffy cotton balls.

Posted by Sisira  on  03/05  at  02:32 PM

In big cats, how does the leopard, when it licks its young, not hurt them with the hooks on the leopard’s tongue?  Thank you for yor great books!

Posted by Owen  on  03/06  at  06:33 PM

How   do   lions lick their cubs when they have sharp things on their tongues?  Thank you for the good books! cheese

Posted by aurora  on  03/06  at  07:03 PM

hey i thought that poem was awesome it was so lovely cheese  grin

Posted by delaney  on  03/12  at  04:27 PM
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