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Every time a new species is found, it makes me have hope that the diversity of our planet will be able to continue.  I hope to instill a love of nature in my own sons that will help them make choices in the future for sustainability in the world….


Posted by Regena McConnell  on  04/02  at  11:43 AM

This article makes me think about these strange and amazing types of species found around the world. Some types are endangered and others are doing okay. It’s very sad animals are going extinct. That’s why we should help them by not injuring them or killing them. Those lizards are COOL.  smile smile

Devyn K.

Posted by Devyn K  on  04/03  at  02:23 PM

i think if i had this lizard i would keep him in a small cage so hes easy to find and if he was in a big cage it would be like a city to him so i would give him a small cage.

smile Liam S.

Posted by Liam.S  on  04/03  at  02:24 PM

My older brother has a bearded dragon. Since it is not full grown he is small ( but not as small as that one). This chamellion reminds me of our bearded dragon.

Posted by Tatum B.  on  04/03  at  02:24 PM

smile I think that some of the important things that are in the earth is the animals I love this picture of the lizard which reminds me that on earth day and every day I am going to try to be a lot nicer to our nature and living things. I know that I can be a little nervous around animals but I am defintely going to try to change that now that I saw that tiny lizard because it reminds me that a lot of things are smaller than me so that is why i’m going to think of that photo whenever I am around animals now. So really this photo wiil do to things to me 1. laugh, I didn’t think a lizard could me that small. And 2. help me for the rest of my life. smile

James C.

Posted by James C  on  04/03  at  02:26 PM

smile We are really lucky to have trees and plants and animals on this planet. But, some people don’t treat the planet the way it should be treated. Littering,wasting plastic bottles, and adding polution in the air are what people do that can make our air filthy and unhealthy. People don’t realize that if they keep doing this it will affect them as well as the animals, plants, and trees. Most people take advantage of all the things we have and it is not OK. Animals and plants depend on us to keep the air clean for them and we haven’t been doing a very good jod at that. When I saw the picture of that white bunny I realized that we should start to help out so that they can have a clean and healthy life as well as us. So, for this earth day I am going to make sure that I appreciate the outdoors and try realize how very special our planet is! smile smile smile

Alexa H.

Posted by Alexa H.  on  04/03  at  02:28 PM

WOW! That thing is really tiny! I had no idea what the thing was on! Once i read the paragraph I knew what it was. I think that is really cool! i would love to have that as a pet it would be really cool!!!!!

Allie C.

Posted by AllieC.  on  04/03  at  02:31 PM

My Earth Day promise is to recycle more often instead of throwing plastic paper and cardboard in tne garbage can. I want to recycle so that it can be reused again instead of wasting. It will help the world so they can reuse. I would also like to help the little chamelion because it is almost extinct now and the only way to change that is to make a difference and put it somewhere safe and maybe one day there can be lots of them left.


Posted by Elizabeth  on  04/03  at  02:32 PM

  It is fascinating that there are species as small as this one. Many new species are being discovered by humans. I believe that there will always be new animals getting dicscovered by us. They already knew that they were there of course! I will never stop believing that somewhere out there, there will be something that nobody knew about. This makes me think that the different kinds of plants and animals will never just all dissapear and one will prevail. New kinds of animals are always out there even if we didn’t know about them before.

Catherine G.

Posted by Catherine  on  04/03  at  02:43 PM

From reading this text I have learned that there are so many species around us thatwe should accept them. The tiny chameleon shows us natures amazing aminals. From reading this blog I am more aware and will try to help them in things such as: charities, clean-ups, and to raise awareness around the communities. cheese

Alexandra v.D

Posted by Alexandra v.D  on  04/03  at  02:46 PM

If i had this lizard I would keep him in a small cage so hes easy to find and so he dosent feel like hes in a huge city on his own but in a small area I think its a cool thing to have lizards this small on earth.


Posted by Liam.S  on  04/03  at  02:53 PM

I think it’s really cool that we have a new species on our planet, but it’s a little scary how this chameleon is only 1.1 inches long with its tail fully extended!  It’s also really cool that it’s the smallest species ever found. I never knew that chameleons can shoot their tongue out of their mouth at lightning speed to catch their food! I find this really interesting and cool!  grin

Amber T.
Royle School
Darien, Connecticut

Posted by Amber T.  on  04/10  at  02:32 PM

Do you think explorers will discover a chameleon smaller than the Brookesia micra .I hope that no lizards get killed in the future because they make me think of rollypollys.


Posted by Deti  on  04/10  at  10:24 PM
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