Posted by Alana G on 07/16 at 04:52 PM


Hi fellow Shipmates,

I just wanted to thank Seymour and Liz for sharing this story. smile I have never been on the radio before and am learning as I go so please hang in with me. I know I will get better with each week and will do my best to make it exciting. smile It is so cool because I already have listeners in 9 different states and in Puerto Rico and Australia. smile

If you have any suggestions or topics that you would like discussed, please let me know. I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you. You can also call into the show and talk to me “LIVE” at (800) 405-6425. smile I hope you enjoy the show.

Alana G smile
“Science Rules”

Posted by Alana G  on  07/16  at  09:28 PM

Alana, your show sounds so exciting.  I am pleased that you are interested in the environment and what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

You may like this link.  It has reports on all the birds who have been affected by the oil spill.
It also has other bird information.

This site gives information on birds in your area, migratory patterns.

Posted by Mary Ludwick  on  07/24  at  02:13 PM
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