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Dear Mr. Simon,

My name is Alana and I am a 4th grade student at Glenmeade Elementary. We are currently reading the story you wrote “Wildfires.” I think it is a great story. It helped us understand the positive effects that controlled wildfires can have.Although I greatly enjoyed the story, unfortunately that is not the main reason I am writing to you today. I just read your posting on the Gulf Oil Spill. My mom and I have been following the updates. It breaks my heart that this has happened. The sea turtles are one of my very favorite animals on the planet, but I love all marine life. I was even looking into becoming a Marine Biologist when I grow up. I love science and enjoy working with animals. I can’t believe what is going to happen the Gulf’s ecosystem. I know that I am very far away and that I am only 9 years old (almost 10) smile but do you have any suggestions of what I can do to help the situation? It makes me so angry but also sad that this has happened and the only thing that will help me feel a little better is to know that I am doing whatever I can to help save the animals that are still left. Do you think that the sea turtles will survive this disaster? So many have already died. : (  I know you are very busy. Thank you for taking the time to read posting.

Alana G.
“Science Rules”
tongue wink

Posted by Alana Garcia  on  05/12  at  10:13 PM
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