Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 02/04 at 08:46 AM


Do you know how fast light travels?

Posted by Matt  on  02/04  at  02:19 PM

That dog is so cute and locks cool to study

Posted by Nick  on  02/09  at  02:05 PM

That dog is so cute i just want to kiss it and cuddle with it and it is cool to study

Posted by cory  on  02/09  at  02:06 PM

that is so good to right about that is the cutest dog

Posted by  on  02/09  at  02:10 PM

My favorite dog is Poodle and a Lab

Posted by Nick  on  02/09  at  02:10 PM

Soooooo cute!  cass that is soo adorable! luv it tongue wink

Posted by Samantha  on  02/10  at  01:59 PM

My favorite dogs are Golden Retrievers, and Labs. I used to have a Brown Lab named Coana but she died with cancer (she was old too). She used to get our newspaper everyday and she was FULL of energy (I’m not kidding). We would throw a stick up the stairs about a thousand times and she would run SOOO fast everytime and bring it back to us. I love her! smile

Posted by backofthenet8  on  02/10  at  02:02 PM

I LOVE dogs they are my favorite pets to have. I have one, she was my FIRST dog. I love her very very much!! I am so excited to be seeing you at my school!

P.S. i love your books!    smile

Posted by Bridget  on  02/10  at  08:07 PM

Cass, that’s adorable. You picked the best picture :0. Love, jackie <3

Posted by choulie6  on  02/10  at  09:23 PM

I love when authors come to my school it is sooo fun especially when YOU are going to come!!!! I wish that day was here already!!

Posted by Bridget  on  02/10  at  11:32 PM

Good timez, good timez! Lol, back in fourth grade wen i wuz just a little BEAL luver!! (my teachers name wuz mr.beal! he wuz ligit!!

Posted by Cassidy <333  on  01/19  at  06:05 PM
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