Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 07/05 at 07:12 PM


I like to talk about dogs more.

Posted by Emily  on  07/09  at  07:38 PM

I like cats most.

Posted by Mary  on  07/30  at  12:33 PM

Dogs are way better than cats! Who could argue? Cats hide under your bed all day and rarely play with you, if you think I am wrong, leave a comment about it, I want to hear it.

Posted by Abbi  on  08/04  at  04:14 PM

Cats are the best animals in the world! Dogs just drool. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Posted by Mary  on  08/05  at  11:19 AM

You know Mary, most dogs don t drool. My dog is a border collie, and she is soooooooooo nice, AND dose not drool! Dose your cat hide under the bed all day? I am guessing yes.

Posted by Abbi  on  08/06  at  04:40 PM

I am friends with Abbi and I agree with her, DOGS ARE WAY BETTER THAN CATS! And by the way…



This is Abbi again, now three people here like dogs! Take that mary!!!!!!

Posted by Livia  on  08/08  at  06:51 PM

Of course, this is all in fun. Dogs, cats, wolves, dolphins—whichever is your favorite animal, is your choice. There is no ONE right answer. You’re all right…for yourself at least. Have fun!

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  08/10  at  09:13 AM

Ya, i guess you are right, but I still think dogs are WAY better than cats!

Posted by Abbi  on  08/10  at  10:55 PM

Dog smell good than cat .cat smell ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Posted by Ashley  on  08/21  at  03:32 AM

Dogs dogs dogs dogs are the top cats are stuipd dump dumies dogs can at least lerner to sit on command

Posted by Shana  on  08/21  at  11:18 AM

I really like dogs but my favorite dog is a great dane.I Like great danes because their so big.

Posted by Chris  on  10/11  at  10:55 AM

Well…...... It realy depends wghat breed they are, but for now, I DEFINATELY vote doggys!!! (Emma from Churchville! grin )

Posted by Emma  on  11/06  at  07:04 PM

i think cats are better because they are easy to take care of and dogs you have to walk them but you dont walk cats and dogs get too big thats my thought about that and i didnt just put cat i put a reason thx you ( :


Posted by kylee  on  04/09  at  02:24 PM
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