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Hello Mr. Simon,

I think I have the answer!! smile Photography A is a moth, and Photograph B is a butterfly.

This is how I identified Photograph A: (1) Moths usually have dull-colored wings. (2) Moths usually hold their wings flat against their bodies when resting.

For Photograph B: (1) Butterflies have bright colors on their wings. (2) Butterflies usually hold their wings vertically when resting.

I really liked your book; the pictures were stunning!! smile

Posted by Chardai  on  11/25  at  03:55 PM

That is easy, insect a is a moth and insect b is a butterfly… Or are you trying to trick us by putting on a weird butterfly that looks like a moth and a weird moth that looks like a butterfly. Should I switch my answer around. What do I do!?!!!!?????!!!!!!

Posted by Gummybear  on  11/25  at  06:46 PM

I think that insect A is a moth and Insect B in a butterfly. I know this because if you look closly on the butterfly’s antena there well be a club and on the moth’s antena there is none. Also the butterfly’s color is more vibrant than the moth’s
  tongue laugh

Posted by Alexandra  on  11/27  at  11:56 AM

Insect A is a moth because moths’ wings are flat out, not sticking up like a butterfly. Another reason is that moths usually have boring colors on their wings, like brown, gray, or black. In addition, their antennae are thicker, while the butterflies’ are thin, and get thicker near the end. Also, moths’ bodies usually have small hairs on them, making them look furry.
    In conclusion, one can see that Insect A is a moth, while Insect B is a butterfly. smile

Posted by Cara 5Cip.  on  11/28  at  08:15 AM

Insect A: Moth

It’s wings are usually flat

It has a disguise as a leaf.  Butterfly’s disguise looks like a animal

Insect B: Butterfly
A Butterfly has a rather ball point antennae

A Butterfly also has a bigger and more textured wing’s

Posted by Nathan 5Cip  on  11/28  at  08:15 AM

Insect A: moth
Moths have a shorter wing span.
It has very dull colors.
It’s wings are flat when it is resting.

Insect B:butterfly.
Butterflies have a longer abdomen.
It has very bright colors.
It’s wings are sticking up when it’s resting.

Posted by Robert  on  11/28  at  08:19 AM

Insect A: Moth
    Moths look like dead leaves and are very hard to see because they are camouflage.
    Also they are much smaller than butterflies and are usually duller. 

Insect B: Butterfly
      Butterflies are more colorful and brighter than Moths they are also easier to spot. 
      Also they are much larger than Moths and you usually see them in the Summer or Fall.

Posted by Zoe 5-Cip  on  11/28  at  08:20 AM

Insect A:  moth
  It has wings that are flat.
  It has a shorter wingspan than butterflies.
  The colors are more dull than butterflies.
  It has shorter antennae.
  Moths are attracted to light.
Insect B: butterfly
  Wings are pointed up.
  Proboscis is more visible.
  Butterflies are larger than moths.
  Its wings are more delicate.

Posted by Dan 5Cip  on  11/28  at  08:24 AM

Insect A: It’s a moth because it looks like a dead leaf and moths are kind of dull.
Insect B:It’s a butterfly because it’s colorful and all butterflies don’t have dull colors.

Posted by Mack 5Cip  on  11/28  at  08:25 AM

I believe insect A is the moth and insect B is the butterfly.  I believe this to be true because insect A has dull colored wings which is the case with almost every type of moth.  Also the insect is resting on a stick with its wings flat which is also a characteristic of the moth family. In addition the background in insect A’s picture is dark which means it is night time, moths are mostly nocturnal. Insect B is the butterfly because unlike moths butterflies rest with their wings straight up in the air. Plus it has bright colors on its wings which also signifies it is of the butterfly family. Further more the picture is bright, that tells me it was daytime when the picture was taken. Butterflies come out only when it is light out. smile :D

Posted by Sawyer  on  11/28  at  08:29 AM

Insect A : Moth
A moth’s wings are flat or horizontal also a moth has colors that are very dull.  Most are nocturnal. 

Insect B : Butterfly
A butterfly has wings that are usually upright/horizontal.
The colors on butterfly’s wings very vibrant.
They only come out in the daytime.

Posted by Christian 5Cip  on  11/28  at  08:36 AM

Insect A is a moth because the antennae don’t stand straight up, and they have what you could call a wave in them. Plus, the wings are opened which also signifies that it’s a moth.

Insect B is a butterfly because of its bright colors. Another reason it’s a butterfly is that both its antennae and wings stand straight up.

Posted by Lily  on  11/28  at  08:38 AM

Insect A is a moth because the antennae don’t stand up, and they have what you could call a wave in them.  Plus, the wings are opened which also signifies it’s a moth.

Insect B is a butterfly because of its bright colors.  Another reason it’s a butterfly is that both its antennae and wings stand straight up.

Posted by Lily 5Cip  on  11/28  at  08:43 AM

Insect A =Moth
  It’s a moth because the wings over lap, it’s a dull color, and has lots of hair on it’s body. :0)

Insect B = Butterfly
It’s a butterfly because the wings are colored but some can be dull, and in the ‘pic’ i saw leaves and there mite be flowers
        That’s what I think about moths and butterfly’s.

Posted by Matia 5-Cip  on  11/28  at  08:45 AM

insect A:I think is a moth because it has a feathery antennae. Also,it has a lighter color and dead leaf look. The color of it’s body is very dull. Also it has smaller wings.Moths don’t usually have big wings.

insect b:  I think it is a butterfly because the antennae is swollen at the end and the wings are more color full and leafy. Also, it has bigger wings usually butterfly’s have bigger wings than moths.

Posted by megan 5-cip  on  11/28  at  08:48 AM

Dear Seymour Simon,
I love your books but, i can’t get them :( and it would be an honor to win this! Any way, I studied moths and butterflies in 3rd grade. I’m just guessing that…

Insect A: Moth
1: The wings are facing down, like they are resting (which moths do all the time.)
2: Moths have very bland and uninteresting colors on their wings and body.
3: The antennae does not have a club like tip at the end and moths antennae have a feathery like texture.
4: Moths have rougher and furrier bodies than butterflies.
Insect B: Butterfly
1: The butterflies wings face up.
2: The butterflies wings and body is more colorful and vivid.
3: The butterflies body is more softer than the moth.
4: Butterflies have clubs at the end of their antennae.

Those are my reasons. Hope you choose wisely and pick out my name!!!!! smile smile smile

Posted by Minaal 5-cip  on  11/28  at  08:51 AM

Dear Seymour Simon,
I can’t wait to meet you on Friday and your books are genius! Here is what I think about the insect A and insect B.

Insect A: Moth smile
-Moths are not very colorful and are furry.
-Moths wing’s fold flat over their backs while resting.
-Moths antennae are thread-like or feathery.
-Moths antennae don’t have a club tip at the end.

Insect B: Butterfly smile
-Butterfly’s antennae stick up from the head.
-Butterfly’s are texturally smooth, not rough.   
-Butterfly’s have 2 or 3 bright colors on their wings.
-Butterfly’s wings are mostly facing up.

Posted by Maddie 5Cip  on  11/28  at  08:53 AM

The Butterfly
Butterflies have bigger size wing’s and moths have smaller size wings then the butterfly.  Also the butterfly has clorful wings.
                        The Moth
The moths are small and have flat wings , and the butterfly has straight up wings.  But the moth has an advantage because of it’s color, it could blend in with objects to protect it’s self from a predator.

Posted by Aiden 5-ci  on  11/28  at  09:05 AM

Insect A:  Moth
1.  It’s wings are flat.
2.  The background is black which means it’s night time and moths are active at night.
3.  The color is dull.
4.  The antennae are out to the side and they are feathery.

Insect B:  Butterfly
1. Wings are standing up.
2.  Antennae are sticking up and they are they have balls on the end.
3.  The colors are brighter.
4.  It looks like daytime and butterflies are active in the day.

Posted by Mrs. Connally's Class  on  11/28  at  09:50 AM

I think butterflies and moths are really cool! so insect b I think is a butterfly because I have seen one of those at five rivers. and I think the other one is a moth because it has that really soft look to it and I might have saw them to.


Posted by Chloe  on  11/28  at  11:40 AM

Wow! It is very exciting to be getting so many entries in this contest. People are doing a lot of thinking and writing about the difference between a butterfly and a moth.

We are not going to post your responses until after the contest closes on Friday, December 2nd at midnight. This is just to let you know that even though you do not see your comments here, we are receiving them and are very glad to hear from you!

Posted by Liz Nealon  on  11/28  at  01:27 PM

Hello I believe that choice A is a moth and choice B is a butterfly. The two reasons why are:

1. Moths are usually not very colorful and are white and butterflies are colorful and have lots of black on them.

2.  I observed in the picture that the moth’s antennae was to the side since it was an above view. The butterfly’s antennae was from a side view and they were straight up.

That is why I think that choice a is A moth and choice B is a butterfly.    smile             

Posted by Ava  on  11/28  at  02:32 PM

I think insect a is a moth I identified it by seeing it’s color is much duller and lighter than insect b and its body is more flat than insect b.
I think insect b is a butter fly I identified it by seeing that its color is brighter than insect a. It’s wings are also perched up insect a’s are not.
      Rosendale Elementary school

Posted by Hannahluvly  on  11/28  at  02:32 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,
Insect A is a moth and Insect B is a butterfly. I know because A has it’s wings laying down,and B has it’s wings up.

Posted by Katy  on  11/29  at  07:27 AM

The moth is the plain one and the butterfly is the colorful one. I know that because i see moths by light and they are plain and butterflies by flowers and they are colorful.Because moths like light and butterflies like flowers.
Nisa (hillside school)

Posted by setalnisa  on  11/29  at  07:31 AM
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