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Some of the animals that live in coral reefs are Dungongs, sea urchins and sea snakes. Those are some of the animals that live in the coral smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

New York

Posted by Mckenzie  on  05/23  at  07:42 PM

Porcupinefish, Giant Moray Eels and Goby fish are all creatures that live in coral reefs.  Porcupinefish, also known as, blowfish can blow themselves up to protect themselves from predators.  Giant Moray Eels are about 6 feet long and they blend in with the coral reef to protect themselves from predators.  Finally, Goby fish are less than 10cm long and they hide in coral reefs when they see a predator.  The coral reef is home to a lot of sea creatures and serves as a hiding place to many of them. grin

4th Grade, 9 years old, Mr. Farquharson’s class

Posted by Elizabeth  on  05/26  at  12:00 PM

My name is Dylan M. and I am in Kindergarten in Mrs. Benkoski’s class at Skano Elelmentary. I want to enter this contest because I love learnign about what is under the sea and all the fish and beautiful creatures living in the ocean. My three choices are: The Long Spined Urchin which can be found in the Bahamas or the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea. My mom has seen them before in the Mediterranean Sea when she visited Italy. They are black and have long spikey looking needles sticking out of them and are shaped liked a circle and are pretty cool looking. They live in shallow water which means you could easily step on them accidentally and my mom says it hurts REALLY bad because she did once. And they eat algae. My second choice is the Spotted Moray Eel. I would love to be able to see an Eel, they look so creepy with their beety eyes. They have dark brown or purple spotts all over their bodies and grow about 3-4 feet in length. They eat Crustaceans and fish and are dangerous so don’t get bitten by their sharp teeth!
My third choice is a crab. The Ghost crab in particular blends with their environment because they match the color of the sand. They can travel fast alsmost as fast as a car at 10 miles per hour, which is super fast. They eat crabs,clams,insects, and vegetations. I thought it was cool that they eat other crabs.
I entered this contest because I enjoy learning about other eco systems.

Posted by Dylan  on  05/26  at  02:03 PM

Coral reefs are full of amazing beauty! Some of the creatures living on the coral reef are banded coral shrimp, giant moray eel, longnosed hawkfish,parrot fishes & a variety of clownfish including percula clownfish, tomato clownfish, maroon clownfish & pink skunk clownfish! I am a big fan of the ocean & all it’s living species!
Alyssa- Mrs.O’Brien’s 2nd grade class grin

Posted by Alyssa J.  on  05/28  at  10:43 PM

Some animal that live in coral reefs are blowfish, angel sharks ,bivalves and lemon sharks.
  Blowfish are also called Putterfish, Globefish and Fugu.They are poisionous and can swallow water to double it’s size.
  Bivalves have soft bodies that are protected
by two hard shells.The shells are hinged together
around the bivalve.Animals like clams and oyster
are bivalves.
  Angel sharks are bottom-dwelling animals with a blunt snout.Although they are sharks, they are relativly harmless. 
  Lemon sharks are large yellowish sharks that
live in a intermediate depth in the ocean.
  This are some animals that live in coral reefs.
Blowfish, bivalves, angel sharks and lemon sharks. LOL

Posted by bradley  on  05/29  at  09:50 AM

There are many animals that live in coral reefs.
Three of them are jellyfish

Posted by man  on  05/29  at  09:54 AM

Sharks are cool and some live in coral reefs.  Sandtiger sharks can be found there, but they sometimes hide in the sand.  Squids have 10 arms and also live in coral reefs.  Lots of sea urchins live on coral reefs.They have many poisonous spines. They can puff these out at things that swim by.  It was really fun learning about coral reefs and we love your new book!

Posted by Mrs. Benkoski's K Class  on  05/29  at  10:07 AM

Many living things live in coral reefs. Clownfish live there, but can’t be hurt by anemones like other fish can. Sea urchins are poisonous and eat dead fish. Tiger sharks live there, too, but they eat live fish. It has been fun learning about coral reefs!

Posted by Mrs. Miller's class  on  05/29  at  10:30 AM

Starfish live in coral reefs. Pufferfish live there, too.  They sometimes eat coral. Lemon sharks, whcih can grow to be 12 feet long, can also be found near a coral reef.  Clownfish also live there. Thank you for running this contest. It was fun!

Posted by Mrs. Russo's K class  on  05/29  at  11:00 AM

3 animals that live in the coral reef are clown fish, eels, and parrot fish.

Posted by Vicente M, Mrs.Britz 4th grade  on  05/29  at  11:18 AM

Three living things that live in coral reefs are a clown fish, a crab and a clam. Those are the animals that live in coral reefs.

Posted by michael z,Mrs.britz  on  05/29  at  11:18 AM

three living things that live in the coral reefs are mollusks,snails,and clams.    smile  smile smile smile smile smile smile

Posted by Natasha S.  on  05/29  at  11:20 AM

butterfly fish live in coral reefs. Also clownfish live there too. Lastly, grouper live in coral reefs. Those are some animals that live in coral reefs

Posted by stevenw,mrs britz  on  05/29  at  11:21 AM

Three animals that live in coral reefs are,bryozoans,foraminifera and clams.

Posted by steven g mrs.britz4grade  on  05/29  at  11:24 AM

three animals that live in the coral reef are clams, shrimp and algea.

Posted by jason  on  05/29  at  11:29 AM

Three animals that live in the coral reef are crustacea, giant clam and sea urchins. Those are three animals that live in the coral reef.

Posted by Tim J, Mrs. Britz' 4th grade  on  05/29  at  11:54 AM

Whenever I think of coral reefs I think of a clown fish that lives in an anemone. I researched anemones with my Mom. An anemone is a sea animal that lives on a coral reef. They have stinging tentacles. They eat really small fish. Clown fish live in the anemone’s long tentacles and help keep the polyp clean. Clown fish are orange with three white stripes on both sides. They eat zooplankton. Other animals are the anemone crab and anemone shrimp. The both also live in the anemone’s tentacles. The crab and shrimp like to hide in the anemone.   

Christopher, Age 5
Mrs. Russo

Posted by Christopher S.  on  05/29  at  04:54 PM

coral fish jellyfish :0

Posted by jon j kuftiak 5  on  05/30  at  11:33 AM

The animals that I chose are sponges, sharks, and sea worms.

Posted by Sasha-Mr.Kuftiak 5th grade  on  05/30  at  11:35 AM

crustacea,giant clam and sea urchins

Posted by jack s  on  05/30  at  11:35 AM

Clown fish, sea urchins, and goby fish smile

Posted by Darby G.  on  05/30  at  11:35 AM

Coral, fish and jellyfish. :&

Posted by Logan m  on  05/30  at  11:35 AM

jelly fish
goby fish
clown fish

Posted by Nicole- Mr.Kuftiak  on  05/30  at  11:36 AM

polyp, crustacea, clown fish

Posted by Josh W 5 Kuftiak  on  05/30  at  11:38 AM

I choose the sea snake,sharks, and sea worms.

Posted by Amber Mohamed-Mrs. Miller 1st grade  on  05/30  at  11:38 AM
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