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After reading the section from LIGHTNING NEVER LIES, I feel like Adam likes to play soccer and to bird watch. I love to play soccer and if I could, I would also love bird watching. I don’t wear glasses though, but I love sience like Adam. I don’t have any characteristics like Paloma so i have to leave her out. Adam and Paloma are very good friends. These books are a great success.


Posted by Jeremy  on  09/12  at  07:30 PM

Einstein is a kid who likes science and likes to solve mysteries with science. I also like science and solving mysteries with science. That is what traits I have with Einstein.

Mrs.Rondano Cider Mill CT

Posted by Andre  on  09/12  at  08:36 PM

Cider Mill
when i read the passage i found out that einstien and anderson are best friends also i found out that they both like science.lastly one thing that i have in comin with einstien and aderson is we all like sciense.i thout this passage was really intresting and cool

Posted by Katie  on  09/12  at  08:42 PM

Einstein Likes:
albert einstein, science,to solve mysteries and puzzles, soccer, blue herons,
silent, clever, scientific, a thinker, nearsighted, has glasses to big for his face, wears jeans and t-shirt brown eyes
Palma Likes: bird, listing to birds, binoculars to watch the birds, reading about birds
friendly, talkative, wears jeans, red sneakers also, taller than einstein, black hair and has a pony tail.

I think i am a little like Einstein because Einstein is quiet like i am sometimes when i’m around other people. i also like to think a lot also. i also might get glasses. another thing we have in common is that i like to solve mysteries. so those are the characteristics i share with einstein.

mrs. Froehlichs class kent house

Posted by Mack mrs. Froehlichs class kent house  on  09/12  at  08:53 PM

Like Adam, I enjoy solving puzzles and playing soccer. Soduko is my favorite kind of puzzle and soccer is my favorite sport.  Paloma is also like me because she plays soccer and wears sneakers all the time!

~Shelby D.
Kent 5th grade Froehlich

Posted by Shelby  on  09/12  at  09:08 PM

The book is about a girl named paloma and adam and they are exsited i can see that adam likes computers and poloma loves reading even me too it is fun thought it sounds like adam was named afater albert instine and how i know this is because i red this book thousands of timesim not kidding because i love this book and my favriat person is paloma because its from reading smile smile smile


Posted by Gabia  on  09/13  at  07:29 AM

Mr. Hossler
Mr. Hossler’s Class
5th Grade
Cider Mill School

Einstein – 12 years old, average height, light brown hair, wears glasses, smart, loves science, deep-thinker, likes soccer, enjoys nature (bird watching)
Paloma – 12 years old, taller than Einstein, black hair in a pony tail, smart, always carries around her backpack, likes soccer, enjoys nature, seems to be always prepared
I share some similar interests with both of these characters.  I don’t like science, I LOVE science!  I pay attention to the little things all around me and try to always look for connections to science.  If I don’t recognize something, I try to use some resource to do some research.  Sometimes this is a non-fiction book, a field guide, and sometimes I use the internet on my phone or at my computer.  I’m sure Einstein and Paloma have lots of books on exciting science topics.

Posted by Mr. Hossler  on  09/13  at  03:30 PM

One simily that i have with adam is that i am also a wis.  Although i am a math wis and not a science wis.  Sometimes i almost feel that fourth grade is a review of third grade.  I wish i could feel that math was a challenge but i don’


Posted by Erynn  on  09/16  at  10:19 AM

Cider Mill School
5th grade
I am kind of like Einstein because I love to play soccer and I always love a good mystery or puzzle! Also as long as I’m learning I don’t care what I am learning about! I am also like Paloma because I always wear sneakers and I sometimes I find birds very interesting, like exotic birds or water birds.This book seems very interesting and I can’t wait to read this amazing book!!
grin  cheese  raspberry

Posted by Lilly  on  09/16  at  08:02 PM

I think that Einstein loves to watch birds with his best freind Paloma, and a characteristic about Einstein is that he likes science.  I like science too, and I found out that we are both nearsighted.  I like to read a lot and so does Einstein.  Those are some characteristics that I have in common with Einstein.

Charlotte, 10 years, Mr.Greasley, Cider Mill grade 5, Cannondale

Posted by Charlotte  on  09/17  at  11:07 AM

grade 5 I think adam is a deep thinker and he likes soccer and he has a best friend paloma. they dress the alike and the both like to cloud watch they both seem vary into nature and scince
wink smile smile

Posted by logan  on  09/17  at  04:00 PM

Ryan C. Mr. Greasly Cannondale grade 5

Einstein`s real name is Adam and he enjoys science and uses it to solve puzzles and mysteries. He also wears glasses too big for his face. Paloma really enjoys birding and has many gadgets for birding. She wears a ponytail and high top sneakers and jeans. One interest that me and Einstein share is that we both enjoy science.  grin

Posted by Ryan C.  on  09/17  at  05:00 PM

I liked the story because they used lots of details about their clothes and how they looked.  I also liked how he explained about what Adam and Paloma like to do together such as bird watching and soccer.  They were good friends.

Posted by George D  on  09/17  at  08:24 PM

mrs.fonseca’s class
nod hill, cider mill
        I think that l am a lot like Paloma and Einstien. I love bird watching and l too have an app that plays bird calls. l also wear jeans and T- shirts. However, l am like Einstien because it seems that he likes sports. lt says that he had come back from soccer camp. Soccer is a sport, and l like sports, too! l also have brown hair, just like Einstien. 

Posted by ava  on  09/17  at  09:49 PM

I can relate to Einstein/Adam. We both like to solve mysteries. I also love that we both like soccer enough to go to camp. I do like science, but I’ve never used it to solve mysteries. I also love that he likes the outdoors as much as I do. I can’t wait to download the Secret of the Loch Ness Monster on my Kindle. I’ve read the first two of the Einstein Anderson books and I really liked them.  wink

CT- Mrs. Dignon’s son from Cider Mill

Posted by Ewan  on  09/18  at  08:45 PM

Einstein is an ordinary 12 year old boy who likes science and uses science to solve puzzles and mysteries. Einstein wears glasses and has light brown hair. He has a best friend thats a girl named Paloma. Einstein and Paloma like science, are good in computers, and are always prepared.

I think Paloma is just like me because I like to play soccer too. Paloma is taller than Einstein. I’m the tallest girl in my class. One common characteristic I have with Paloma is that I wear a ponytail almost everyday at school. Last year I started liking science and was looking forward to new things. Paloma is always prepared as I am because if we go travel somewhere I always bring paper to draw so I don’t get bored.

Some of the diffrences I have with Paloma is that I have short black hair and always like to keep my hair neat. I always like to wear dresses even if there isn’t any special ocasions. I only have 5 or 6 blue jeans because I like to wear shorts up to my knees. I don’t really like to bird watch but if I see lots of birds flying I count them. That’s the charecteristic I share with Paloma.

Ronia C.
Ms.Corti, Cider Mill, Belden hill

Posted by Ronia  on  09/19  at  12:28 AM

Einstein likes thinking, soccer, science, birding and research.  He wears glasses, does not wear fancy clothes, uses technology and is a good friend.  Einstein Anderson got his nickname “Einstein” because he likes to think often.  He probably doesn’t like his real name since he always uses Einstein!
Paloma likes soccer, birding and research.  She has long black hair, uses technology, is a good friend and always dresses in high top sneakers and jeans and keeps her hair in a ponytail.  She does not sound like a girl who likes dresses! 
Einstein is interested is science and animals.  I like to read about animals too, especially reptiles.  Recently,  saved a baby snapping turtle and put it in the pond near my house.  I found the turtle on the road in front of my house and brought him to the pond so he was safe.  This seems like something Einstein would have wanted to do too. 

4h grade
age 9
Mrs Layne

Posted by Zach  on  09/21  at  11:01 AM

Neel, 5th grade, 10 years, Mrs. Stallfort’s class, Cider Mill, Wilton, Connecticut

Paloma likes science. It says in the text,” Paloma’s backpack, which she carries everywhere lay open on the ground. Out of it she had pulled out a pair of binoculars, a digital camera and a birding book.”
Einstein also likes science because it said in the text,” Ever since he was a little kid Einstein whose real name was Adam, had been a lot interested in science.”
Einstein is “an average sized twelve year old boy with light brown eyes that were a little nearsighted, and his glasses seemed a bit to big for his face.”
Paloma was ” a little taller than Einstein and had long black hair that she always wore in a ponytail, just like she always wore red canvas, high top sneakers and jeans.”
“Einstein thinks a lot and he is often quiet when thinking.” Einstein is smart in science.“Not only did he know an awful lot, but he also used science to solve all sorts of puzzles and mysteries.”
Paloma also liked birds.” She also had a birding app open on her phone-one that played recordings of bird calls.”
I also like science just like Einstein. I also like looking at birds. I also don’t look much like a science wizard but I still like science.

Posted by Neel  on  09/21  at  02:06 PM

I can tell that Einstein has glasses and brown eyes. Paloma has black hair and wears red high - top sneakers. Einstein loves science and uses it to solve puzzles and mysteries. You can tell that Paloma likes bird watching since she has binoculars , camera , birding book and birding app in her backpack. One thing I have in common with Einstein is that I also love science. I like the experiments in science. One thing I have in common with Paloma is that I am also tall.

Samhita ,
Cider Mill School 4th grade Mrs. Fonseca

Posted by Samhita  on  09/22  at  10:55 AM

One thing I share with Paloma is that I just moved into town and I used soccer to meet new people.  By playing soccer you make friends and you then meet their friends.

Cider Mil 4th Grade- McCusker

Posted by Grant Cider Mil 4th Grade- McCusker  on  09/22  at  08:14 PM

Adam “Einstein” Anderson, one of the main characters from Lightning Never Lies, is a great thinker who loves science. He uses science to solve puzzles and mysteries, he likes soccer, and he is a smart kid. Einstein is 12 years-old, is average sized, has brown eyes, and is nearsighted. He wears glasses that are too big for his face. He has a friend named Paloma Fuentes, who loves bird watching. Einstein is quiet when he thinks. He got his nickname, Einstein, after Albert Einstein, the most famous scientist of the 20th Century. “Einstein”, a great writer, even inspired me to retell Mr. Simon’s story my way. Here is how it goes:

    Thursday, July 8, was a warm sunny day. Two teams were playing soccer in a town called Sparta. The team names were the Spartan Blue Jays and the Astorian Red Jays. The score was tied 1-1. A boy and a girl were trying to score a goal. The girl’s name was Paloma Fuentes, a tall, black-haired girl with a pony tail and red sneakers. The boy’s name was Adam (Einstein) Anderson, a middle-sized seventh grader who had brown eyes, was nearsighted, and wore big glasses. Paloma passed the ball to Einstein, and he kicked it and scored the last goal. Soccer practice was over. Einstein and Paloma hopped on their bikes and pedaled to the other side of the park.

    They leaned their bicycles on a tree and sat down on the wet grass. Paloma took out her bird-watching equipment and watched a heron in the lake. Einstein took out his binoculars because it was also time for the launch of a NASA’s space shuttle Space Transportation System, or STS-65. As he saw the rocket launch, he thought of what he had read in the newspaper. Morris Janus, a town resident, had said that he was kidnapped by aliens. Paloma was watching Einstein think.

    “What are you thinking of?’’ Paloma asked. Einstein explained the news of Morris Janus.
    “Why would he said that?” Paloma said. “There’s no such thing as aliens.”

    “Well, the universe is huge. There should be life on other planets, but we’re not 100% sure that aliens would visit earth,” Einstein replied.

    Just then, Einstein’s phone rang with music from Star Wars. The music scared away the heron that had then been walking in puddle.

    “Great,” Paloma said, frustrated.

    “Sorry,” Einstein said. He pressed the answer button on his phone.

    “Hello, Mom,” he said. “Uh huh, uh huh, okay, be right there, bye,” and he hung up.

    “What’s up?”  Paloma asked.

    “We are going downtown to Morris Janus’ house with my mom,” Einstein explained. Einstein’s mom was a news reporter.

    “Let’s prove what a fake he is!” Paloma said furiously. She sent a quick text to her mom and hopped on her bike. They biked to Einstein’s house.

    Einstein’s mom drove them to Morris Janus’ house. They all sat at a big, round table.

    “So tell me what happened?” Einstein’s mom asked Janus.

  “Last night, a space craft landed in my backyard,” Janus said.

  “Yeah right!” Paloma whispered.

    Einstein nudged her under the table.

  “And then, aliens came out of the space craft,” Janus continued. “They had two arms and two legs, they were green, and they had no pupils.”

  I cannot tell you the end of the story because it is really Mr. Simon’s story and I have not read the book yet. But I can tell you that I am similar to Einstein because I like science. My favorite subject in science is space exploration. I also like astronomy and I like to read. I guess that Einstein likes to read and astronomy, too, because it is part of science. We both like jokes and have brown eyes. That is how I am similar to Einstein Anderson. In fact, the only difference that I see between him and me is that he is 12 and I am only 8!

Mr. DiCrescenzo, 3rd Grade
Nod Hill, Cider Mill School, Wilton, CT

Posted by Lukas  on  09/22  at  09:57 PM

Nathan P.
Mrs. Dohn

Paloma and Einstein are obviously best friends as you can see, they like the same things!

Paloma and Einstien have been best friends ever since Paloma came to (Einstien’s) Adam’s town.

Paloma and Einstein share the same interests like soccer and birding but they rather do birding than soccer.

An interesting fact about Einstein is that he is named after the famous scientist Albert Einstein because he was a great a great thinker.

I am like Einstein I’m athletic,reserved,also love solving puzzles and the subject Science of course.

Posted by Nathan P.  on  09/23  at  08:18 PM

Einstein whose real name is Adam likes many things including science, using science to solve puzzles and mysteries, soccer camp, birding, and his best friend Paloma.

Paloma and that is her real name likes soccer, birding and her best friend Einstein.

Even though Einstein likes science, he does not look like a science nerd.  He is a rather average 12 year old boy with brown eyes and glasses. 

Paloma is a girl who is a little taller than Einstein, she carries a nap sack with her all the time, she has long black hair in a ponytail, and she always wears red high top sneakers.

Einstein and I both like science.  Sometimes I use science to solve puzzles.  Like when I wanted to know would a hockey puck go faster on real or synthetic ice, science helped me understand the answer (ps real ice, hockey pucks go faster on real ice). 

by Mitch, 3rd Grade, Miss Baliban, Cider Mill

Posted by Mitch  on  09/24  at  09:03 PM

One thing that I share with the character Paloma, is that I have long black hair and I too wear it in a ponytail all the time.  Another thing that I share with Paloma is that I wear red canvas sneakers as well. Also, Einstein Anderson and I both share an interest in science.  These are the few things that make me similar to Einstein and Paloma. smile


Posted by Rhea  on  09/24  at  09:33 PM

age 9
Cider Mill School
Einstein likes to solve mysteries and puzzles,soccer camp,and also bird watching. He dislikes his glasses because they are too big for his face.
He looks like an average twelve year old boy.
He is smart and a good thinker, and has always been good at science.

Paloma likes bird watching,she also likes to wear jeans.I think she dislikes wearing dresses because she never wears them.
I think that she acts like a tomboy,she always wears jeans, sneakers, and a ponytail.

I think that I am like Einstein because I also like science and I think that I am good at it.
I like to learn about volcanos and do experiments.
                      cool smile

Posted by jenna  on  09/24  at  09:44 PM
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