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Dear Seymour simon,
In school I am writing about rising sea levels. I know that gases get trapped into the atmosphere which is melting ice bergs and glaciers which is also causing rising sea levels. Do you have any more ideas about rising sea levels?

Claudia B.

Posted by Claudia B.  on  02/20  at  06:25 AM

Hi Seymour Simon! I am from Shanghai American School (SAS ) which is a international school in China. I wanted to ask you that why are there smiley faces on the blade of grass and how?
PS: My class is a big fan of you.      smile

Posted by Josephine  on  02/20  at  08:06 AM

Hi Seymour Simon can you explain what rising sea levels do to the world


Posted by Joshua  on  02/20  at  10:18 AM

Hi Seymour Simon i am doing a project on rising sea levels. Can you explain what do it do to affect the earth


Posted by joshua  on  02/20  at  10:21 AM

Hi Seymour Simon, I am a new student in SAS. I was wanting to know if wildfires and droughts are effecting the Earth. question

Posted by Nuowen  on  02/20  at  10:34 AM

dear Seymor Simon,
are you making a new book right now? if not i know a GREAT name for it ” IN TO THE WORLD OF GIRAFFES” it could really grab the reader right!!!!! hope you actually make the book! LOL  grin

Posted by Chloe c.  on  02/20  at  02:12 PM

Vinod: If Global Warming stops fully how long will it take to recover the damage done?
Min Young: What will make the biggest change to stop Global Warming?
Joshua: How much Damage has Climate Change done?

P.S Thanks for replying to our comments and Questions!

Shanghai, China, SAS

Posted by Vinod / Joshua / Min Y.  on  02/21  at  04:14 AM

My favorite Seymour Simon book is cats it is my favorite Seymour Simon book because on page 2 it tells you that 5,000 years ago in Egypt they were used to protect stored grain from mice and any other rodents I found that very interesting.

Posted by Emma C. 4-M  on  02/28  at  12:41 PM
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