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Hello, Im Livia I ask you a question when you were here but I have one more question to ask you. Is it hard to come up with you’re books? Are you making any NEW books? Thanks bye

Posted by Livia  on  01/31  at  06:11 PM

Thank you for the virtaul vist. I liked the paper air plane video it was really cool how the air plane stayed up for a really long time. It was really cool meeting you

Posted by avery  on  02/03  at  02:34 PM

Hi Seymour Simon. I was so inspired by your paper air plane book that the next day I came to school and dressed up just like you did in the photo. It was a pleasure meating. Thank you so much for inspiring me to write more and better storys. Your friend Erin.

Posted by Erin  on  02/03  at  06:06 PM

Hi Seymour Simon!!! I was so happy you came and vist us well almost.  My favorite books that you wrote was strange mysteries and the airplane book. The night that the school video chated I wrote a cople pages of a story about puppies you inspired me to write. Thank you so much cheese

Posted by Delaney  on  02/03  at  06:09 PM

Pluto got its name because the Greek name of Pluto is Hades and he is the god of the underworld.  The underworld is very far away from the sun, and so is Pluto! 

Pluto is reddish brown in color.

Pluto is not really considered a planet.

Posted by noah  on  02/09  at  07:34 PM
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