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i love all the information you put up there .i read one paragraph and i was very impressed by all the facts you knew. I keep on reading and it was really exciting and the dog picture were really cute.I just want to say that ,you are very welcomed here to glencliff and by the way, where did you get the idea to becoming a scientist? Is that where you get the idea of writing books that you study on?And have you ever been to a real tornado or ever had a pet like a dog or a cat? Have you ever saw animals at a zoo and did you write any fiction books?
From a friend at Glencliff,
Lisa D.
p.s. for the contest
picture a:moth
1:darker colors
2:feathery antenna
picture b:
1.brighter colors with a swollen tip
bye and have a good day!!!!!!!!

Posted by lisa d.  on  11/30  at  02:25 PM
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