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1. There are 3 different types of clouds. The Cirrus Cloud, high-level, are thin strips. The Altocumulus Cloud, mid-level, are very blotchey. And the Nimbostratus Cloud, low-level, are puffy.

2. Clouds on fair days are called Cumulus Clouds.

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The squirrel frantically looks for food to store for winter. Making sure he takes every last bit of food he can find. This not easy when every other squirrel is looking for food as well. At night he curls up in a ball, dreaming of a winter with food. If only his dream would come true…

Posted by Madeline  on  03/07  at  02:29 PM

The word goat means’‘to jump’‘. Goats are a domesticated species. Female goats are called nannies. Male goats are called bucks or billies. Baby goats are called fawns. Goats will chew on almost anything, including metal. Their teeth are as sharp as a shark’s.

Posted by Leilah  on  03/07  at  03:04 PM

Did you now that mice can NOT eat cheese cause then it makes them sick?

Posted by Polly  on  03/23  at  05:27 PM
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