Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 10/23 at 02:25 AM


Why is he at the doctores

Posted by  on  10/23  at  10:53 AM

He looks so cute.

Posted by  on  10/27  at  10:18 AM

Don’t worry, it is not sick. The vet is just giving it a checkup because it is a newborn. Yakini is fine.

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  11/03  at  02:07 AM

He is soooo cute!!!!!!!

Posted by  on  11/05  at  07:26 AM

It is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Anehel  on  11/05  at  07:37 AM

Wow he is so cute but he is big to be a newborn


Posted by Olivia  on  11/05  at  04:35 PM

He looks so adorable!

Posted by Marisol S.  on  11/21  at  08:33 AM

So cute


Posted by Caroline  on  11/22  at  06:03 AM

He is soooo cute I just want to cuddle him Seymour Simon I love this app it s amazing I love u not literally but u know what I mean lol


Posted by Lauren  on  11/23  at  02:58 PM

Waw he is the cutest gorilla i have ever seen


Posted by Helena  on  11/24  at  08:14 AM

It is a baby born

Posted by Hajijah  on  12/15  at  04:19 AM

Hey marisol do u go to galax middle

Posted by Symphanie w  on  12/17  at  09:15 AM


i wish i had him as a pet hes so cute

Posted by Leah Mrs.Goodman Lower gwynedd  on  05/17  at  10:33 AM

cool hmm

I wish i had him.    He is so cute. 
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is getting a check up.

Posted by Emma Mrs. Goodman Lower Gwynedd  on  05/17  at  10:33 AM

the gorilla is so cute smile

Posted by Logged Out User  on  02/04  at  06:45 AM

this picture is so cute and I want it so very much.I want to keep it as a pet so bad.

tyrameshia r.

Posted by tyrameshia r.  on  03/06  at  06:18 PM
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