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My super awesome science word is gold.  gold is a very heavy and shiny object.  It weighs up to 200 pounds!!  Miners blow up gold using TNT.
Stephen B. From, MRS, Estradas class!!

Posted by stephen B.  on  01/15  at  01:47 PM

My awesome science word is Pluto

Definition it is 100 km across or more than the Kuiper belt

I Think it is awesome because it has a 100 km

Pluto was called the ninth major

Sam, Mrs. Estrada’s 4th Grade

Posted by sam  on  01/15  at  01:55 PM

My awesome science word is aerosol.   
Definition: a fine spray or mist that comes from smoke, fog and clouds
I think it is awesome because people do not see it all the time.
Aerosol comes out of a bottle.
Karley,  Mrs.Kelly class 3rd grade

Posted by Karley  on  01/15  at  02:32 PM

My awesome science word is Habitat.
Definition: a habitat is a home for all different kinds of animals.
I think it is awesome because it helps animals live
like human homes.
A Habitat is a home for animals.
Olivia, Mrs. Kelly 3rd Grade

Posted by Olivia  on  01/15  at  02:35 PM

My awesome science word is camouflage

I think it is awesome because animals can blend in to stay alive, and hunters use it to kill animals.

Sentence: Hunters use camouflage to blend in and kill animals.

Frank, Mrs. Kelly 3rd grade

Posted by frank  on  01/15  at  02:36 PM

My awesome science word is sapphire

Definition: A blue gem that you usually find in caves.

I think this word is awesome because it’s clear, worth money and it’s hard as a rock.

Sentence When I went mining I found lot and lots of precious sapphires.

Sincerely Abby from Mrs. Kelly 3rd grade

Posted by Abby A  on  01/15  at  02:37 PM

My awesome word is plasma.
I think it means a lane of fire that surrounds
a layer of gas.
sentence: I smelled some plasma
Its awesome because it is a gas.

                from,Connor Mrs.kelly 3rd grade

Posted by connor  on  01/15  at  02:37 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,
We are 3rd Graders in Mrs. Lambert’s class at Harvard Elementary in Tacoma Washington.  We are just beginning to BLOG.  We enjoyed looking at your frozen soap bubble picture on January 15, 2014. It was really cool. We learned a new science vocabulary word, Polar Vortex.  We are excited about your science blog . We look forward to hearing from you. Maybe you could come to an assembly at our school. 

May the Blog be with you!
Mrs. Lambert’s 3rd Grade Class
Harvard Elementary
Tacoma, Washington

Posted by Kelli  on  01/15  at  03:32 PM

dear seymour simon the picture that you took is really cool.the school i go to is harvard teacher is mrs.lambert from third grade.I wish if you come to a asembblelie at my school.


Posted by yahir  on  01/15  at  08:55 PM

Dear Mrs. Lambert’s Class,

I am so glad that you are starting your blogging adventure here at!

Next week I will have a new Writing Wednesday. Maybe you would like to share some of your writing? I suspect that there are some science writers in your class.

Please keep writing. I love to hear from you.
Seymour Simon

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  01/15  at  10:17 PM


stephen wink

Posted by Logged Out User  on  01/16  at  12:54 PM

My awesome science word is frostbite. It means that when the fingers, ears, nose, or face freezes, than it can damage the skin or body tissue. In some cases, the tissue can go numb, and drop off.  When I use it in a sentence, it sounds like, “When you stay in the freezing cold for a long period of time, you would most likely get frostbite.”. I think it is awesome because when you get frostbite, it feels like it actually bit you.

smile Sadie P. (:

Posted by Sadie P.  on  01/16  at  11:15 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,I’m Unyque from Mrs.Lambers class.I love you’re blog! grin It makes me want to write more.I wish you will come to my school.I would like to see you.I’m just now starting to blog! First i had to learn how to type it’s fun!I wonder what Mrs.Lambert will say when i tell her you typed back! grin  tongue wink

May the blog be with you!

Posted by unyque  on  01/16  at  11:18 PM

WO. WHAT… Now that has to be a first. You can actually see the frost spreading on the bubble! I wonder what happens to the air in the bubble.

Posted by aderagon  on  01/17  at  06:05 PM

Wow that’s so cool! I want to do that! I tried to find out when the next polar vortex is, but it won’t come up! Seymour Simon, if you see this, when is the next vortex?

Posted by John L.  on  01/29  at  09:55 PM

That was awesome how you saw post the picture of the frozen soap bubble it looks really magical. wink I really would like to try that. By the way where did that happen in? :o

shanghai, china

Posted by lani  on  02/20  at  05:52 AM

Wow!:) I never knew that if you blew soap bubbles at 15˚F then it will immediately turn into Ice, the picture even shows that there was a little bit of frost coming down just about to cover the bubble with Ice. I going to try that sometime I think it will be so cool to look

Posted by Zoe  on  02/20  at  08:42 AM

Lots of readers liked this photo as much as I do! John L., we can’t know when the next polar vortex will be - the weather is ever changing and we don’t know what is going to happen until a week (or maybe ten days) before. We do know, however, that climate change and the overall warming of Earth’s atmosphere is causing big fluctuations in the path of the jet stream——and that contributes to phenomena like the polar vortex, where huge masses of Arctic air are pushed much further south than usual.

Lani - this photograph was taken in Washington State, U.S.

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  02/20  at  10:10 AM
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