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Hearing about smuggled animals makes you think how crazy people can get! For Earth Day I will try to save these animals by investing spare money to habitat conservation and protection. Just hearing about this makes me want to promise to be more aware about what people do to nature. Also, I think that I should spread the word to my family and friends about how important our earth is. Reading the articles makes me think of how much we take our planet for granted…

Alexandra v.D
Royle School

Posted by Alexandra v.D  on  04/10  at  02:20 PM

The people that are taking the snakes to sell and putting them in bags should stop. The snakes don’t live to your destination, so what’s the point. If they thought about it and they were the snake being put in the bag, they wouldn’t like it so the snakes don’t like it either. smile smile smile smile

    Devyn K   Darien, CT   Royle School

Posted by Devyn K  on  04/10  at  02:20 PM

Reading about these snakes makes me so sad because snakes are living animals and are being killed by smugglers all because they want them as pets. I can’t believe it is even legal. If I was a ruler of a country I would certainly ban smuggling and killing any exotic animal. I mean how would you feel if you were smuggled into a bag all because someone wanted you as a pet. How awful is that! For earth day I am going to try to save endangered animals by starting a fund raiser to earn money so I can keep these animals alive!

Lindsey B
Darien, Connecticut
Royle School

Posted by Lindsey B  on  04/10  at  02:26 PM

This Earth Day I Would like to help the Pythons because they are starting to become extinct and we all need to lend a hand and try to help them. They might be nothing but an animal to you but they can do lots of things and some of them might be unknown of now and if they become extinct we may never know all the uses. So if you see a Python then you might think about how close they are to becoming extinct and help them live. Earth Day is about helping the earth and making it a better place.

Elizabeth C.
Royle School

Posted by Elizabeth C  on  04/10  at  02:27 PM

I think poachers should stop this. If I could I would yell at them and say “Hey stop that! Imagine if you were cooped up in a bag and killed like that! How would you feel?” Because this is not okay. These animals are becoming extinced. I want animals like this to be living their free lives in their habitats where they belong! smile
Annie H.
Royle School
Darien CT

Posted by Annie H.  on  04/10  at  02:27 PM

People should figure out a different way to carry snakes then just in a bag. They should put them into cages or boxes with air holes. 

Peter L
Royle School
Darien, Connecticut

Posted by Peter L  on  04/10  at  02:28 PM

This article makes me think a lot about how animals feel on earth day, when I hope no smugglers or poachers are attempting to kill or sell them. On Earth Day-and every day, animals should feel safe in their habitat, because it is their home, and it is not fair for the animals when they have to hide away from their usual spot and sometimes even leave their homes. Where the animals live should be comfortable, not in danger. Any poachers or smugglers should think before they act. What would they feel like if someone just barged into your home and tied you up in a bag? Or what if they just started killing whoever they could with a gun or knife or any kind of weapon? I know I would feel scared nervous, amd DEFINETLY angry…

Katie E
Royle School
Darien Connecticut

Posted by Katie  on  04/10  at  02:31 PM

It is terrible that people try to smuggle endangered animals to sell as pets or give to collecters. It is wrong to hurt and even kill these animals. As the article said, smugglers stealing snakes usually put them in cloth bags. Most snakes don’t survive the journey. It isn’t fair to the animals.
Smugglers don not have the right to go and steal a peice of nature that wasn’t there just for the purpose of them going to steal it. Maybe they should try to get a well paying decent job that is legal
I am so glad that the security systems are getting more efficient. They can catch more smugglers that way. At least I know that this endangered snake got another chance. They got an free ticket to the easy life with the vital things it needs to survive.

Catherine G.
Royle School

Posted by Catherine  on  04/10  at  02:33 PM

I feel bad for the snakes considering there being killled by smugglers. what if you were a snake and a smuggler just came and killed you. I would feel sad. I think the smugglers should stop killing the snakes for money. If I was a smuggler I would stop killing snakees right away.

Royle school

Posted by Piers  on  04/10  at  02:34 PM

For Earth Day it would be nice if you could save endangered animals like some types of snakes. I think it would nice if we could save some endangered animals and put them in a safe place like the zoo or back to his home. I think it a little bit crazy how they would sneck animals to different places . I would love to save animals.
Jennifer C
Royle School

Posted by Jennifer C  on  04/10  at  02:39 PM

We just read about a giant python called a Burmese python.  They are taking over Everglades National Park in Florida and they, too, probably started out as somebody’s pet.

Amy D.

Posted by Amy D.  on  04/10  at  04:38 PM

I am going to turn off any electronics when not in use.

Grant B.

Posted by Grant B  on  04/10  at  07:39 PM

I think we should make posters to help stop smuggling snakes and other critters.

Will B.

Posted by Will B.  on  04/11  at  11:11 AM

As a class we are going to conserve water. If we don’t finish our water bottles we will give the water to our plants and animals instead of draining it down the sink. We will shut the water off when we are not using it and make sure that is it off so it doesn’t drip and waste water. We will try and limit our shower time. When we brush our teeth we will only rinse the sink when we are done. Our class will make posters out of recycled paper to show and inspire other people to conserve water.

Middle Gate School
3rd Grade (Wednesday) Library Class
Newtown, Connecticut

Posted by Ms. Mauro  on  04/11  at  03:57 PM

I’d like to see more educational programs in U.S. and European schools to educate people about the dangers of taking in exotic animals as pets (for both the animals and their human caretakers).  When I lived in Baton Rouge, LA, there was a problem with people taking in cougars as babies, then experiencing problems/dangers once they grew to be about a year old and became unmanagable.  In one instance, a young cougar was abandoned in an apartment (which it trashed) and animal rescue had to be called in to handle it….

Lexington, Kentucky

Posted by Regena McConnell  on  04/11  at  08:43 PM

My Earth day promise is to recycle as much as i can every day.

Timothy W.

Posted by Timothy W.  on  04/16  at  11:06 AM

I liked the blog n the pic u posted about the python


Posted by Ryan  on  04/16  at  06:14 PM

Guys lets keep taking care of our envierment adopt a pet that needs us


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Posted by Brandon  on  04/16  at  06:17 PM

Cool snake


Posted by Matt  on  04/17  at  01:38 PM

How do you know if a snakes are poisonous?

Vanessa and Chris

Posted by Vanessa and chris  on  04/17  at  01:39 PM

Were do you find the snake and is it poison?


Posted by Kyle/josh  on  04/17  at  01:40 PM

If pythons can bite will they have poison in their fangs?:)

Willie L.

Posted by Willie L.  on  04/17  at  03:30 PM

Are all pythons green?

PDN, Texas

Posted by Gerardo/Jonathan  on  04/17  at  03:31 PM

Why did they not survive the trip


Posted by Joshua,chris  on  04/17  at  03:31 PM
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