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Seymour I was so happy you visited my school today! I was so happy i met you! I hope to see you again smile

Posted by Shelby  on  01/19  at  10:04 PM

I was happy to meet you, Shelby. I hope you write and send some photos and stories about what you and your friends are doing in science.
- Seymour

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  01/20  at  10:28 AM

Thank you so much, Mr. Simon, for your contribution to science education and for sparking, scratch that, igniting curiosities in children!  We thoroughly enjoyed your program.  You created quite a buzz around here and who knows what seeds of inspiration you may have planted in these young minds.  I can’t wait to see them sprout in the coming years!

Posted by shelly puckett  on  01/20  at  07:07 PM

You were so funny when you came to our school yesterday! My friends and I thought you were going to be strict, but you were comepleatly opposite. Why would someone land their rocket on top of Neil Armstrong’s footprints on the moon? I really don’t know. Thanks for coming!

Posted by Jessica  on  01/21  at  12:53 AM

Thank you for coming to Meadows Elementary!

Posted by ethan  on  01/21  at  10:37 AM

Thank you for coming to our school. I was very excited but I had to go home early because I was sick. When my sister came home she told me all about the visit and I wished I was still at school. smile :(

Posted by Vicki  on  01/26  at  09:16 PM

I was excited when you came to our school. I never met a famous science/author before. I enjoyed your jokes and the time you spent with us. I hope to see you again.  wink

P.S.- When you asked my for my definition of science this is what I got- Science is the accumulated wealth of knowledge, based on the experiments, innovations and research of the human race.

Posted by Natnael  on  01/27  at  10:53 PM

Hi Vicki, I hope you’re feeling better and that you take some time to go through some of my books on my website and tell me which one’s you’ve read and your thoughts about them.

Hi Natnael, I think your definition of science is a good and important one. Always remember, science is not like an election, we have to prove what’s true, not just go along with what people say. A long time ago, people used to say that the Earth was flat and that you would fall off the edge if you got too close. Nowadays we have proved that Earth is a round (more or less round) planet in our solar system.

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  01/28  at  11:45 AM

So far I read “Dolphins” and “Penguins” they have alot of info I didn’t know from other books. I also won the raffle for comenting on your blog. I got the books about storms.

P.S. Your books are really intresting! raspberry

Posted by Vicki  on  01/29  at  04:10 AM
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