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Dear Semour Simon,
      My name is Andrew and I am a student at Churchville Elementery. my carbon foot print was 16.25. i am not to proud about that so i’ve been tring to lessen that score by walking more to “baseball practice” or my friends house. i also am only washing my clothes when i need to. my new wash day is friday insted of ever other day. i also bought an alominum bottle for water. wants again i thank you for this opportunity to write back to you

Posted by Andrew H.  on  04/15  at  12:22 PM

Dear Mr. Simon,
      Hi my name is Dana and I am a sixth grader at Churchville Elementary school.  My carbon foot print was 13.5. (not so good) Some things I can do to reduce my carbon foot print is that I can try to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I can reduce the amount of electricity I use during the day. I can also reuse some of my plastic water bottles. Finaly, I can recycle papers along with plastics.

Posted by Dana  on  04/15  at  12:25 PM

Dear Mr. Simon,
    Our school ( Churchville Elementary) has been talking about you, your books and your visit for a while now. I calculated my carbon footprint and made pledges to reduce it. One of mine was to use less electrical appliances. Whenever i leave my room, my lights get unplugged. I even have a water bottle label chain to show how many of my water bottles i have recycled. I’m trying to help our planet in as many was as possible. Thank you for inspiring me.  From, Brynn

Posted by Brynn C.  on  04/15  at  12:25 PM

Dear Mr. Simon,
    My name is Olivia, a sixth grader at Churchville Elementary school.  My carbon footprint is 9.25.  What I am trying to do to reduce my carbon footprint is try to recycle everything I can.  I’m also trying to be outside even more than I already am, and trying not to use as much electricity. I’m also telling my family and friends about how they can find their carbon footprint and how they can reduce it.

Posted by Olivia  on  04/15  at  12:27 PM

Dear Mr.Simon,
  My name is Brigid I am a sixth grader at Churchville Elementary School. I’m a BIG fan smile>.  Our whole grade used the carbon footprint calculator and mine was pretty low. It was 7.6. some of my goals were to help more wild animals, to recycle more, and to live a healthier lifestyle (eating more fruits and vegetables and when i’m done, putting the cores and peels in my aunt and uncle’s composter, reducing useage of land fills ).  Thank you for coming to Churchville and inspiring me and my classmates.
          Brigid (Churchville Elementary School)

Posted by Brigid  on  04/15  at  12:33 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,
    My name is Shaun and I am a Churchville student in 6th grade.  I have a carbon footprint of 9.34.  I keep trying to reduce my carbon footprint and my family is too.  I tell my family to turn off the TV and go outside.  I also car pool and that takes out a whole entire car on the road.  I just took the test again and I got a 7.67.  I am very proud of my self and continue to try to do better.  I made a difference of 1.67 and that is good for me (for now). 
    Sincerely Shaun

Posted by Shaun  on  04/15  at  12:36 PM

You guys are just great and I’m so proud of what you’re doing! I’m sitting here reading what you’ve written and just beaming away!  cheese

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  04/15  at  12:59 PM

Dear Mr.Simon,
My name is Melanie W. and i am a 6th grader at Churchville Elm. school
    I’ve been following my carbon footprint, ever since I took the survey. I will stop using my phone, and laptop (computer) as much. I will turn off the lights and stop wasting electricity. When you were at our school and describing the earth, I realized that its a big world. and everyone is at least using too much electricity. we need to lower our use to help the world!

Melanie grin

Posted by Melanie  on  04/15  at  01:05 PM

Dear Mr. Simon,
      My carbon fooprint was very suprizing to me. To know how large of a footprint I am leaving is mind blowing. My carbon foot is 19.9. I have a farily large family. I have 5 people in my family. To reduce my carbon footprint i could turn off the T.V. when I am not watching it. Also, I could reduce the amout of time I use the T.V. Another thing i could do is buy a reusable water bottle. I could also eat less fast food.

Posted by Alana  on  04/15  at  01:23 PM

Dear Mr.Simon,
    My name is Saim and I go to Churchville Elm.
I went on Carbon Footprint Calculator, and ever since i’ve been wondering how to lower my carbon footprint! I thought of some and they were to watch less T.V and to turn off the sink when i’m done using it also using my Phone and computer less.
( = )—>———-<

Posted by Saim  on  04/16  at  09:57 AM
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