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Name some others that helped us in our ” race to space”.  What did they do? (GMS SCIENCE 6 STUDENTS ONLY PLEASE.)

Posted by Dow  on  09/09  at  03:26 PM

Space shuttles helped space exploration

Posted by Hayley. 2  on  09/10  at  11:13 AM

Chinees, Galileo, Sputnik 1, Sputnik 2, Allan shepherd, Neil Armstrong, buzz aldrin, Micheal Collins, space station, mir space station

Posted by Josiah 2nd period  on  09/10  at  11:16 AM

Buzz aldrin, michael Colin s, and scientist

Posted by Madison 2nd  on  09/10  at  11:16 AM

They figured out how to get in to space
  NASA helped us

Posted by Tyler 2  on  09/10  at  11:16 AM
Posted by Matt 2  on  09/10  at  11:16 AM

Soviet Union launched the first satellite into space.

Posted by Martha 2nd  on  09/10  at  11:17 AM

Alan Shepard was the first American in space.
Yuri gagarrin was the first man in space
Buzz aldrin and Michael Collins went to the moon with Armstrong

Posted by Cade  on  09/10  at  11:17 AM

Buzz michal

Posted by Alex 2  on  09/10  at  11:17 AM

Yuri Gagarin - first man in space
Alan Shepard - First American in space
Neil Armstrong , Buzz Aldrin , and Michael Collins - First man to the moon

Posted by Alese. Period 2  on  09/10  at  11:17 AM

Im soo sad that Neil Armstrong died he was so awesome to me I look up to him

Posted by Tessa. Second period  on  09/10  at  11:18 AM

Buzz aldrin
Micheal Collins

Posted by Matt 2  on  09/10  at  11:18 AM

Chinese- bottle rocket first rocket

Posted by Amada second  on  09/10  at  11:18 AM

Neil armstrong

Rachel M.

Posted by Rachel M. 2 period  on  09/10  at  11:19 AM

I m so sad because Neil Armstrong died because he was the very first one to walk on the moon.

Posted by Cinthya 2nd period  on  09/10  at  11:19 AM

Neil Armstrong, one sat on the rocket and made shore they can still get on and Neil was the first too step on the moon.

Posted by Dakota 2nd period  on  09/10  at  11:20 AM

Michel Coltens had to watch the ship.

Posted by Jonathan2 nd  on  09/10  at  11:21 AM

Neil armstrong

Posted by Logan  on  09/10  at  12:06 PM

Good blog! Sad :( that Neil Armstrong died!! Cool pictures!!

Ashlynn r 2nd

Posted by Ashlynn r 2nd  on  09/10  at  12:09 PM

Buzz Alldrein and Michelal Collions went to the moon with Neil Armstrong

Posted by Ethan 3rd period  on  09/10  at  12:09 PM

Yurt Gagarin,Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong,buzz aldrin, Michael Collins

Posted by Anna 3 period  on  09/10  at  12:09 PM

Neil armstrong

Posted by Logan r. 2nd period  on  09/10  at  12:09 PM

Alan Sheperd was the first American to space.

Posted by Todd  on  09/10  at  12:10 PM

The foot prit may last about millions of years

Posted by Tyler 3rd  on  09/10  at  12:10 PM

Russia helped us but we were ahead

Posted by Paul  on  09/10  at  12:10 PM
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