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That is such a cute book

Posted by Archie  on  06/09  at  03:31 AM

Dear Seymour Simon,
I love dogs and how they are so cute! I want to figure out how puppies and dogs of all kinds react to different things as they grow up… for example how they react to other animals, food,  habitats, or even different scents or toys. I really want a dog but I probably will get one when I move out when I’m older because my parents don’t like pets in the house. Again I’m really excited to know facts you put up online and I will see you next week at my school, Glencliff! smile

Posted by Minaal  on  11/21  at  02:54 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,
I love cats and I find it very interesting that they drink the same way dogs do, cats seem so dainty when they drink!! I have a cat, She is a VERY messy eater, but when she laps up water it is so cute! Something i want to know is weather cats live longer than dogs, or if dogs live longer than cats. I cant wait to see more facts you put up online! and like Minaal I will see you next week at Glencliff!!! smile

Posted by Samantha 5M  on  11/30  at  02:02 PM

I love your books.  You have awesome books about whales.  I read your whale book.  From Ryan P. (New York)

Posted by Ryan  on  06/04  at  04:43 PM
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