Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/10 at 07:53 AM


hi, thank you for coming to our school and telling us about your books i read allot of your books and i enjoyed them you are always going to be the best author:)

Posted by tasneem  on  05/27  at  02:33 PM

thank you for skyping us I had a wonderful time. I have one question for you that I didn’t get to ask. I wanted to know who your favorite author is and why?! smile

Posted by jordin  on  05/28  at  02:05 PM

Thankyou for skyping our school. I really enjoy your books. They have a lot of detail, and tell the reader about the topic.

Posted by Birtrum  on  05/28  at  02:06 PM

you are my favorite writer in the entire galaxy! I love your space books their so interesting. your the BEST!  grin

Posted by Timothy  on  05/28  at  02:08 PM

I love your books! They inform me so much. I have to say my favorite book is BIG CATS! Also thank so much for skyping our school! You know I am learning even when I don’t want to your books make it FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  smile

Posted by Collette  on  05/28  at  02:12 PM
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