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In Science we are doing a unit on water. Like what happens when it freezes and on what materials does water get absorbed and on what materials it beads up. I like all things we do to figure things out. I liked our lesson on surface tension.


Posted by Ana  on  02/21  at  02:54 AM

I am very glad that you are talking about us!
I wonder what happens if all of the recourses are all gone?
If the recourses are all gone, how will we survive?
If there is no more frozen water, what happens?


Posted by Max  on  02/21  at  02:56 AM

We were so excited to read your post in response to our questions!  Thank you so much for welcoming us and providing us with more information on rising sea levels.  We recently read your book on Global Warming and then learned about your blog from our friends at AISZ in Croatia.  I know the grade 4 students at SAS look forward to spending more time exploring your blog and raising more questions of their own.  Thanks again for writing.

Posted by Jennifer  on  02/22  at  05:31 AM

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you so much for your note. I love it that you and your students are using my blog in conjunction with my books. That’s exactly what I intended when Liz and I designed the website, and it is a pleasure to have your students online and communicating their thoughts about science.

I wanted to let you know that I posted an online contest today designed for a school that I am visiting next week. As you will notice in the rules, it is open to students from other schools, as well. I thought your students might be interested in entering. Here is the link:

Best regards,

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  02/25  at  02:18 PM

thank you for skypin my school i have a question how long have you made books and how did you get the idea

Posted by steven (james fallon)  on  05/23  at  03:18 PM

Hello Seymour Simon thank you so much for skyping with my school James Fallon we had so much fun…...
I had a question that i did not get to ask here it is: What is it like being an author is it hard or is it easy…... if you have time and you see my blog can you write back please. I loved the plane video with the plane that u built with paper and flew it from a 17 floor building…..

I hope you can visit our school next time and i mean to skype thank you for all your great advice and everything you had told us u r awesome….


raspberry tongue laugh tongue rolleye

Posted by Samantha  on  05/23  at  03:30 PM

hi mr. Simon thank you so much for comeing to our school on skype. We really loved the story of the paper air plane and the way u flow it. my personal favrite was when you showed us mystory book. I i hope they have it at the library because i am getting it. i also injoyed the story of the auther that you loved as a kid WOW HE WROTE MORE BOOKS THEN U! 500 BOOKS AWESOME! oh and if you dont have a book about the inside of jupiter if you ever find the time to make one or if you already do can you post the name of it so i can get it.
also if you get the time to make a book aboutthe biggest animals of the world and smallest or if you have one of thea to wich i am pretty sure you do can you post the name for it. it is still incradimle that you you made 300 books my gole in life is to read all of them twice and if i ever be come someone like you i will do everything you did to become an ilastrater. i hope to be exactly like you not one change. have you ever meat people that make the best books ever like you because if you have. WOW   this must be very exiting here that your new book is poblished i want to have the same feeling. i want to be the next seymour simon. thank you again for comeing to our school bye

Posted by Dijan  on  05/23  at  03:32 PM
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