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I am recycling cans and plastic bottles, and I will convince my mom to do meatless Mondays. Cool, right, Seymour Simon?

Posted by Devin  on  04/19  at  12:29 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,

    What I will do on Earth Day after school is “outdoor Friday”. That way I will stop wasting electricity and let nature protect me cool smile

Posted by Caleb  on  04/19  at  01:28 PM

I thought it was very interesting, I’ve never heard of anyone who trained a cow to be just like a horse. I wonder how long it took her to train the cow? I’m especially amazed that it can do jumps because horses’ legs are so long and cows’ legs are kind of short.

Posted by Jeannette  on  11/21  at  02:55 PM

That is so amazing I never knew that horses run so fast there feet don’t touch the ground!!!!!

Posted by Brooke  on  11/30  at  02:00 PM

i did not know a cow could be a horse.i just learned that.

Posted by kimberly  on  12/01  at  12:29 PM
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