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When we first moved here we saw the Northern Lights one night while letting the dogs out! It was AMAZING!!

Posted by Mary Spezzano  on  08/02  at  04:35 PM

I’ve always liked pictures of the northern lights.  I wish I had one day to see them up in the night sky…  It sounds really cool I think it would be beautiful!  :D

Posted by Olivia Mitchell  on  01/13  at  09:55 PM

OMG i really like this page on the Northern lights! I have always wanted to go to Alaska to see them!


Posted by Paige  on  02/02  at  11:27 AM

The solar wind, a flow of plasma from the Sun, creates a bubble in the interstellar medium known as the heliosphere, which extends out to the edge of the scattered disc. The hypothetical Oort cloud.

Posted by Business Gas & Electric  on  03/01  at  05:00 AM

That picture was so awesome! I don’t know what the faint orange line above the earth was, maybe the atmosphere? anyway, I think its cool that solar winds cause The Northern Lights. smilesmile :D

Posted by Grace  on  11/30  at  01:58 PM
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