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I could turn the lights off when nobody is using them rolleyes

Posted by Chris A.  on  04/26  at  10:46 AM

In my family we recycle smile Also when we leave a room we turn off the lights to save energy. =>

Posted by Jessie <3333  on  04/26  at  10:46 AM

My family have recently installed a new and more green heating and AC system. Earth Day every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Nate  on  04/26  at  10:46 AM

In my family we recycle and we have a composting bin all the way out in our back yard.

Posted by Christina  on  04/26  at  10:48 AM

My Family recycles bottles and newspaper everyday. We always try to recycle everything!!!!!!! smile smile smile smile smile smile

Posted by Kylie  on  04/26  at  10:49 AM

Every day, my family recycles bottles. We also use Reusable cups instead of buying waterbottles at the store.

Posted by jordan  on  04/26  at  10:50 AM

At our school, we have an e-friday folder. We are trying to go paperless here at Churchville. One of the teachers that works here is totally green! Her name is Mrs.Edwards. Thats all she does is come up with ways to help the earth! We even have a green club with her after school! Also at home there is a creek near me, every earth day, my brother and I go out and pick up all the liter that people throw in it. There are lots of fish and frogs so when we are all finished I look back and feel great because I made a difference! raspberry

Posted by Maddie  on  04/26  at  10:51 AM

Wow, there are so many things we can do to keep our earth clean and healthy. All you have to do is change lightbulbs, shut off the T.V. when your done, and recycle. I know in my family we always recycle and make sure we turn the light off in any room we leave. Save the earth and…....GO GREEN! smile

Posted by Emma  on  04/26  at  10:51 AM

My family and I recycle bottles, cans and paper.

Posted by Nick  on  04/26  at  10:51 AM

My family and I pick up trash around my neighborhood.

Posted by Cailin  on  04/26  at  10:52 AM

On Earth Day, I help out around my neighborhood. My mom and I pick up trash on the curbs and on my neighbors yards. My other neighbors help, too. This really helps make our neighborhood look nice and helps the Earth!  grin

Posted by Jess  on  04/26  at  10:53 AM

Everyday my family and I use reusable cups instead of buying water bottles at the store.

Posted by jordan  on  04/26  at  10:54 AM

What I do is kind of unique.
I read all my manga online.
It’s killing two birds with one stone!
Instead of wasting gas by going to the bookstore,
I read it on my own computer!
And, since it’s a book, it needs paper to be made,
so I am also saving trees!
More people should read manga online.
Go to for a lot of free manga!

Posted by Sarah  on  04/26  at  10:54 AM

My family and I pick up trash around my neighborhood.

Posted by Cailin  on  04/26  at  10:55 AM

me and my family recycle everyday. we recycle cans,bottles,cartons and many more. we also use those light bulbs that look like frozen yougurt and help the enviroment.. thats how i help the earth(:

Posted by cayla  on  04/26  at  10:56 AM

I love recycling and i will clean the Earth. :] smile :D

Posted by nick  on  04/26  at  10:57 AM

On Earth day, my family helps out around the neighborhood. We also like to help my grandma out with her beautiful garden she has. We Love to keep the earth Fresh & Green! easpeacially on earth day!! smile smile smile

Posted by Sammy :)  on  04/26  at  10:58 AM

For earth day, my family and I are trying to be “greener”. For example, we are saving plastic bags from the grocery store and reusing them from the smaller trash cans that are too small to use the regular trash bags. We also have been using the bags to use at store instead of using a new bag. So far, my family is “green and earth friendly!”  cool smile

Posted by Megan  on  04/26  at  11:09 AM

I Reycycle and raise mony for trees vampire  cool smirk

Posted by Stuart  on  04/26  at  11:56 AM

Hi Seymour, I love your blog! My billion acts of green pledge is to reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them away into a landfill. Also I will pick up trash around my neighboor hood ( the woods behind my house) That is my earth day pledge! Thanks.. Bye!  cheese

Posted by Paige  on  04/26  at  11:59 AM

Here’s my idea to save the earth: when you’re done with eletric appliences turn them off. Never use too much electicity excaim How do you save the earth question

Posted by Andy  on  04/26  at  11:59 AM

On Earth Day, I recycle paper and plastic. I also pick up trash and shut off the lights when I’m not in the room!  tongue wink

Posted by Jared  on  04/26  at  12:00 PM

A couple of months ago i had solar pannels built into my house and now my family and i are running on solar power. LOL And we also have a compost bin which we put banana peels, apple cores, peels of all fruits, etc.

Posted by Lizzie  on  04/26  at  12:00 PM

Instead of useing the plastic and paper my mom uses the other bags that are reuseable all year around. cheese

Posted by Daniella  on  04/26  at  12:01 PM

When I ride my bike I pick up any trash I see.

Posted by Ethan  on  04/26  at  12:02 PM
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