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Really Cool Books wink

Posted by EJ B.  on  03/05  at  01:26 PM

Q1. Answer.  The 3 main types of clouds are the cumulus,cirrus, and stratus clouds. Cumulus clouds are puffy,flat-bottomed, and low. When they are tall,they can cause thunder and rain. Cirrus clouds are high in the sky. They are white,feathery, and usually mean fair weather. Stratus clouds are low. Some stratus clouds can come to the ground,such as fog. They look like a gray blanket. They can bring rain or snow.

Q2. Answer.  The cloud you would see on a fair weather day is the cirrus cloud. They are high and white. They are also feathery.

Posted by Vikram  on  03/05  at  01:31 PM

I think your book about sharks is very interesting.  How did you get all of your information on sharks?

Posted by machai  on  03/05  at  02:27 PM

We read a book about frogs.  We have two questions to ask you.  How many eggs does a frog lay?  Also, the eggs look like bubbles.  Can they be popped?

Thanks for your help!

Posted by anne ford  on  03/06  at  12:07 PM

The snake book you wrote is really good. If you cut a snake’s head off will it grow back with a new head?

Posted by Brandon  on  03/06  at  03:32 PM

The book, Snakes, reminded me of a TV show I saw.  A man fell
asleep by a tree and a snake wrapped itself around his neck.  It choked him.  He should have taken the tail and pulled it   off. 

I have a question.  How long does it take for a snake to eat a pig?

Posted by cameron  on  03/06  at  03:34 PM

The books snakes, reminded me of a time when there was a snake on my deck in Virginia. It ate birds and squirrels for three days.  He kept scaring everyone.  Animal control told us to put the snake in a box.  We squirted the dangling snake scared the snake into a box.The snake hissed at me! We let the snake go in the woods.                                                                               

My question is how long does a snake live?

Posted by Sean  on  03/06  at  03:40 PM

At   the Bronx Zoo I saw a   viper .  It   was huge   but   I     saw it   fight an   Eastorn   snake.  And   the   viper won.

Posted by jacob  on  03/06  at  03:41 PM

Thanks for writing, everyone. I see we have a lot of interest in reptiles! I will try to answer as many questions as I can when I see you.

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  03/08  at  11:26 AM

Hi, Mrs. Ford’s kids! Depending on the type of frog, she can lay anywhere from a few thousand to 20,000 eggs at one time. You are right that the eggs look kind of like bubbles, but you would never want to try to “pop it,” because that would destroy the egg.

I will see you very soon at your school!

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  03/08  at  11:33 AM
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