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We have a leap year so the left over days that add up wouldn’t mess up the calendar. Since a year is 365.2422. This was first discovered by Julian Ceaser and leap year occurs every 4 years on february 29.

Posted by vignesh  on  02/29  at  02:16 PM

A leap year happen ever 4 year’s. it is when the sun has gone around the sun 4 times. that is so because ever year it takes 365 days and 6 hours for the sun to go around the sun ever year. so after 4 yaer that has made 24 hours. that makes leap year. wink

Posted by Janiah  on  02/29  at  03:00 PM

A leap year happens every 4 years.It happens on February 29. Also on leap year, there are 366 days. Julius Ceasar realized that if we do not have a leap year, winter would be in july. Most people on earth use Julian calenders.
cool hmm

Posted by shakthi  on  02/29  at  03:02 PM

clumulus clouds are puffy with fat bottoms and are low in the sky. cirrus clouds are the highest clouds it usually means it is a fair weather day. stratus clouds are low fogy and at ground level looks like a grey blanket usually makes it rain or snow

Posted by Brandon H.  on  03/05  at  01:35 PM

Hi Seymore Simon, the answer to the 3 most common types of clouds are Stratus, Cumulus, cirrus.  On a fair weather day you will see cumulus clouds.  By Sreya in Mrs. Marinstein’s class at Menands School.

Posted by sreya  on  03/07  at  05:45 PM

I want to join your contest so here are the answers, Stratus Cloud, Cumulus Cloud and Cirrus Cloud. The fairest type of cloud is the Cumulus Cloud. I can’t wait to see you here at Menands School on Thursday! From Anna.

Posted by Anna  on  03/07  at  05:48 PM

a leap year comes every 4 years. there are 366 days. if there is no leap day, winter will be longer. smile

Posted by Andre  on  03/07  at  05:49 PM

The 3 types of clouds are stratus, cumulus, and cirrus clouds. The type of cloud that appears on a fair weather day is a cumulus cloud.

Posted by Srinija  on  03/09  at  12:00 AM
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