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Volcanos are amazing things to watch erupt. All the bright colors of magma flowing down the volcano. Exspecly at night were you can see every thing better. It is a scary thing if your next to a volcanic eruption because it will shake the ground and the hot lava can kill you.

Posted by Ronny S.  on  09/18  at  02:13 PM


New York

Posted by Sally  on  09/22  at  05:39 PM

That looks amazing!!!! I ve never been interested in that kind of stuff. But that is interesting!!!!


Posted by Zach  on  09/24  at  11:38 PM

I never knew thet

Posted by Anson  on  09/25  at  10:35 PM

Awesome. :-D

Posted by Cheetah Girl  on  10/16  at  05:32 PM

This is science every thing is science

Posted by Jessica L.  on  10/16  at  11:21 PM

I have always wanted to see a volcano, especially one erupting near the ocean!


Posted by Karen  on  10/18  at  03:48 PM
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