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Dolphins are so cute
They are very fast when they smell fear

New York

Posted by Subaita  on  06/09  at  07:05 PM

I don’t think I can move in the way that a dolphin can because I would be lost without my eyes.

Posted by Matthew  on  06/09  at  12:33 PM

Yes I belive I could easily.

Posted by Covin  on  06/09  at  12:35 PM

No, I do not think I can swim as fast as a dolphin. Dolphins are also good at leaping and swimming in deep water. So I really can’t do what they do in my world. smile

Posted by Taylor  on  06/09  at  12:35 PM

I don’t think that I would be able to because.1 I have eyes,2 I hardly ever have any trouble getting around,3 I have glasses to see,and four I am not like a dolphin or Ben.

Posted by Lauren  on  06/09  at  12:35 PM

no i do not because it is way to hard to do.

Posted by Sarah  on  06/09  at  12:36 PM

No i don’t because,  it is hard to do.

Posted by Kaedyn  on  06/09  at  12:36 PM

No because he knows were he would be going because he couldn’t see for 12 years so he would be very used to not seeing.

Posted by Jordan  on  06/09  at  12:36 PM

No. I could never use echolocation on land the way a dolphin does. I’m loud but not so good when it comes to listening!
Please write back.


Posted by Gavin  on  06/09  at  12:37 PM

I am not sure. I never knew a human’s hearing could be so, so, powerful. I honestly think it would be WAY to hard to do something so powerful with only your ears. xD But anythings possible, right? smile Plz write back! raspberry

Posted by Sara  on  06/09  at  12:37 PM

Yes i belive so if a blind prson can do it we can too.

Posted by Eduardo  on  06/09  at  12:37 PM

I don’t really know because let me think. If i had no eyes and i had to use my ears cause that will be more good for me i think i will work on it.

Posted by Abi  on  06/09  at  12:37 PM

I believe I can I can move in my world like a dolphins moves in there world because i saw proof that a blind person used his ears like a dolphin. He knew there was a garbage can knocked over and he walked around it. This person made me think I can live in my world like a dolphins in their world. I now know nothing is impossible.

Posted by Chiara  on  06/09  at  12:38 PM
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