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Seymour is a smart person who informs kids about all the different subjects and places in the universe.


Posted by Devin  on  04/09  at  02:21 PM

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh cool fish ohh


Posted by robbie  on  04/11  at  03:30 PM

I like how you said they are intelligent because they swim to you if you come over.  That is cool!  Can you tell me more about how they are intelligent?

I agree that they are very beautiful.  I would like to have them as a pet.

New York

Posted by Bill  on  05/14  at  08:37 PM

How cool is that? Fish that react to the enviorment around them. They would make awesome pets!

New Jersey

Posted by Nehal  on  05/20  at  02:18 PM

How many eggs can a cichlid fish lay?

New Jersey

Posted by Aj  on  05/20  at  02:18 PM

I would love to have cichlids as pets. I really hope you are right and they do react to your reactions!

New Jersey

Posted by Maddy  on  05/20  at  02:19 PM

How many species of cichild fish are there? And Yes I do think the fish are very beuftiful with their colors.Oh and one more thing do they come in all colors and are they hard to take care of?

New Jersey

Posted by Myles  on  05/20  at  02:19 PM

I really like the colors and variations of your cichlids.Do you have one type of fish in there or are there different species?Also,how are the fish intelligent?

New Jersey

Posted by Zakariya  on  05/20  at  02:20 PM

I like how Seymour said that the fish don’t just swim around aimlessly like tropical fish, could you tell me more about the fish?

New Jersey

Posted by Katie  on  05/20  at  02:20 PM

I happen to love the fish to, I heard of them before I wished to have them as a pet for a long time also I will love to learn more about them.

New Jersey

Posted by Colin  on  05/20  at  02:21 PM

I like that they swim with purpose unlike schooling fish, could also tell how big they get and what they eat in the wild?

New Jersey

Posted by Kevin  on  05/20  at  02:21 PM

Those cichlid fish are really cool and they do sound really intelligent. They sound really interesting and it makes me want to know more about them.

New Jersey

Posted by Anna  on  05/20  at  02:21 PM

These fish sound amazing,but what do they do if you look at them or do something to there surroundings?And how many cichild fish do you have?

New Jersey

Posted by Liam  on  05/20  at  02:21 PM

Why do you think your cichilds are very important to you,and how old are they?

New Jersey

Posted by javi  on  05/20  at  02:21 PM

I think the fish are beautiful and it looks like they are all unique in their own way.

New Jersey

Posted by karlee  on  05/20  at  02:21 PM

I liked the African cichlids! They looked very interesting and I would love to learn more about them. They seem very smart. They are also very beautiful. Thank you for informing me about the African cichlids!

New Jersey

Posted by Rachel  on  05/20  at  02:21 PM

I love those fish too. I agree that the fish are intelligent and beautiful! Do u think there are any better fish? Please write back I am interested in your answer.

New Jersey

Posted by Kevin  on  05/20  at  02:21 PM

Wow!!!Those cichlid fish are the coolest fish that I have seen!!!They are so many colors and are really cool different patterns.I think that it is awesome that they react to their surroundings.I also agree to the fact that they are beautiful!I would also love to have a cichlid fish as a pet.

New Jersey

Posted by Francesca  on  05/20  at  02:22 PM

I think the fish are very cool,colorful and beautiful.

New Jersey

Posted by Y'mira  on  05/20  at  02:23 PM

How many different tipes of African fish are there?Do they swim in schools of fish in the ocean or do the swim by there self?I love the colors of the fish the fish are very beatuitful .

New Jersey

Posted by Avery  on  05/20  at  02:24 PM

I do think they are beautiful fish because I like their different colors. Also, I think its cool that they are intelligent. If you come by them they come by you. What amazing fish. If I had to pick a fish I would pick the those fish.

New Jersey

Posted by Dylan  on  05/20  at  02:25 PM

Those fish are very cool. The name, color and talent of coming when you walk over, it’s awesome!I would love to know more about them because they are so cool and awesome.

      I also think that they are beautiful too and I would like to thank you for showing me about African cichlids.

New Jersey

Posted by Ashley  on  05/20  at  02:25 PM

thank you for comeing to our Skype visit.

Posted by kareem  on  05/27  at  02:24 PM
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