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Our entire school is recycling electronics to help save the Earth! We have Allistair as our school mascot for recycling. Allistair is an eagle made out of recycled ESD uniforms.

Ms. O’Donnell’s Class
Dallas, TX

Posted by Ms. O'Donnell's Class  on  04/20  at  10:28 AM

I will try to recycle recycleable items. I will try my best to keep the environment healthy and clean. I love the environment and I don’t want it to die. I will try to plant flowers and trees too. I will NOT litter. I will also plant trees and plants too. I hope everyone will help keep the environment healthy too! smile

Brooke A.
James Fallon School
Mrs. Maggio

Posted by Brooke A.  on  04/20  at  12:23 PM

My Earth Day Promiss.
my earth day promise is to never throw gabage on the ground.Also when ever is see garbage and there is a garbage can around pick it up and put it in.sometimes when i come home from school i see litter on my lawn and i pick it up and through it away

dakota m
James fallon School
Mrs Maggios class

Posted by dakota m  on  04/20  at  03:35 PM

cool book smile

Posted by mitchell  on  05/02  at  11:55 AM
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