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I think this is amazing.I never knew that the entire lake Michigan could freeze solid. I can’t believe how cold it must have been.

Posted by scienc  on  01/08  at  12:54 PM

Oh my goodness! It’s because of that weird polar vortex.  Yesterday it was 2 degrees in the morning!  On the news, a newswoman threw some coffee in the air, and in a split second as the coffee rained down, the coffee turned to snow!!! The whole USA is frozen! (Except for Florida, but Florida’s always warmer) THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!

Posted by John Lee  on  01/08  at  01:04 PM

What. Happened. This is serious. Did Jack Frost play a mean joke? That’s probably 5 tons of ice there! It’s a wonder the earth’s crust doesn’t crack! Of course, the only body of water frozen is a pond. But WOW. I wonder if any body skated on it. gulp

Posted by aderagon  on  01/08  at  01:11 PM

Dear Simon,
Washington state was cold but, we didn’t freeze!
I read my atlas and found Chicago on the map. I have been studying the 50 states of the U.S. I find maps and weather very interesting.

May the Blog be with you!

Juan V.

Posted by Juan  on  01/15  at  04:24 PM

I think the pic is really cool that it froze I love Seymour Simons blog I Chaco this blog everyday for exiting news!!!

Thanks for the awesome blog, Kaitlyn S

Posted by Kaitlyn  on  01/15  at  08:51 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,
The picture is so cool and awesome! I am so amazed that the lake that big could freeze. I never knew USA could be this cold. I wonder how much time it took to freeze.

MinYoung J.

  big surprise

Posted by Minyoung  on  02/20  at  09:09 AM
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