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This is the awnser that i got for your contest:  eA clowder or clutter of cats

Posted by Reza  on  02/23  at  07:29 PM

A clowder or clutter of cats grin

Posted by Reza  on  02/23  at  07:33 PM

We’re getting some good answers (of course, we’re not going to post them until everyone has a chance to enter!). This contest will stay open until 3pm ET on Thursday, so cat lovers, put your research hats on and get in the game!

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  02/23  at  08:24 PM

A group of kittens is called a kindle, litter, or an intrigue raspberry

Posted by Karyn  on  02/24  at  01:44 PM

A clutter of house-cats
A pride of lions
That’s all I got…  ;  )

Posted by Lucy  on  02/24  at  02:43 PM

Congratulations to Reza, who not only found the answer and was chosen in our random drawing. She will be receiving a personally autographed copy of Seymour Simon’s CATS!

Thanks, everybody, for entering.

Posted by Liz Nealon  on  02/24  at  08:34 PM

Mr. Simon the answer is when talking about adult cats you can use the terms clowder or pounce. When referring to kittens you can use litter, kindle, or intrigue.

Posted by Olivia  on  02/24  at  09:49 PM

its called a clowder or a clutter!!! : )

Posted by Nikki  on  02/28  at  09:03 PM

Clowder Clutter Glaring Clan Litter Pack

Posted by Claire  on  05/05  at  09:11 AM

A group of cats is called a clutter or a clowder. wink

Posted by Aleen  on  02/06  at  10:14 PM

A group of cats are called a kindle or a litter or a clutter!!!

Posted by Sarah  on  02/09  at  10:05 PM
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