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It was cloudy here this morning at 4:30 am   big surprise
so we couldn’t see anything. I am planning to try again tomorrow. How about you guys?

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  05/11  at  12:33 PM

Maybe. I have been having horrible pains in my stomach so I don’t know if I will get up that early.

Posted by C  on  05/11  at  12:47 PM

Cloudy again this morning mad

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  05/12  at  08:20 AM

Dear Mr. Seymour Simon,
I was reading your book Planet Mars and I had a question. If you were on Mars what would you do? Would you take some dirt and put it under a microscope and see what was in it? What do you think would be in the little bits of dust?

From your best friend for ever,
Aliza S. at Crockett.

Posted by Aliza  on  05/19  at  06:20 PM

I think that if I were on Mars I would like to explore the planet in a large rover of some kind rather than work in a laboratory with a microscope. That’s just me, though. Other people would rather do other things on Mars.

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  05/20  at  12:12 PM

no longer planet
discovered 1930
minimal temp. 325 F

excaim  cool smile  rolleyes  zipper  shut eye  smile

Posted by megan  on  02/07  at  02:30 PM
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