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my class and i want and enter this contest mrs. lambert and my classmates want to meet you when i saw the 1 words from world read-aloud day backwards and it       spelled draw                                               sincerly, alam

Posted by alam  on  01/23  at  12:36 AM

my school is harvard elementary


Posted by alam  on  01/25  at  03:41 AM

MRS.LAMBERT third grade students is really excited to

may the blog be with you!!!


Posted by tyrameshia  on  01/31  at  11:19 PM

My favorite book is Coral Reefs.
I love this book because I love learning about fish and Reefs. I think that its really cool that we can learn so much about the coral reefs in only one book! Also, I love this book because when I went snorkeling is Florida, I loved seeing all of the marine life and when I grow up, I want to be an underwater photographer.
A part in the book I love is when you talk about the porcupine fish. I love it because in the book it
said that “porcupine fish are recognized by the sharp spikes that cover their heads and bodies.” I think its so cool that they can puff up when they are scared and frightened.  raspberry

Posted by Sara 5-T  on  03/03  at  01:10 PM

Book: Extreme Earth Records  
Why I like it: I like it because their are a lot of unique and fascinating facts on Earth that I never heard of.
Example: A magnitude 8 etruption would blast out more than 240 cubic miles of ash and rock,

Posted by Avery 4th grade Mrs. McGillis  on  03/04  at  12:56 PM

frank 5-fe
I like this book because their are fun and interesting facts in this book. An example is scientist use a scale to measure the damage like in San Francisco in 1989 the damage was 7.1. shock

Posted by Frank 5-fe  on  03/05  at  05:55 PM

The book HURRICANES is really cool because I LOVE the weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) “Hurricanes are huge spinning storms that develop in warm areas around the equator.” This is really interesting to
It is sad :( how lots of people die, get hurt, and are homeless by hurricanes but hurricanes are still cool!!

Posted by Alexa 3-O'Donnell  on  03/05  at  07:40 PM

Dear Seymour Simon ,

Thank you for chosing my class for skiping with

my class

sencerly Kayleeannah
in mrs.Lambert`s class

may the blog be with you

Posted by Kayleeannah  on  03/05  at  10:09 PM

I chose the brain because i love learning about the human body.I think its a great book because it tells every -one how our nervous system works.One example from the text is:The brain has three main sections: the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brain stem.

Liam 3-0 O’donnell

Posted by Liam  on  03/06  at  12:07 AM

Josh s.
My favorite book is Destination Space.  I like how on page 7-8 says the picture looks like N.Y.C from an air plane.

Posted by Logged Out User  on  03/06  at  02:12 PM

My favorite book is Lightning. I like this book because, it is very interesting and I love the pictures in the book! An example is that on page 3, the text is : Lightning begins with violently moving ice crystals and raindrops in storm clouds. The picture is a lot of lighting hitting a city!

Posted by Peri  on  03/06  at  02:13 PM

My favorite book that you wrote is Sharks.
I like that book, because it really interests me about how sharks swim, and how sharks can smell blood in the water from a very far distance away. On page 11, I think it is so cool how you said ” A shark may go through thousands of teeth during its life”. I also really like the picture on page 11, with the close up of the sharks teeth. The teeth are huge!

Posted by Adam D 5-D  on  03/06  at  02:23 PM

Kareena 5D NJ
My favorite book by Seymour Simon is HURRICANES.
It’s my favorite book because it’s very interesting because of everything that hurricanes can do and I think that hurricanes are amazing and scary!

Example: I remember when we had Hurricane Sandy and how many people’s homes were damaged with flooding, like the picture you showed of the flooding in North Carolina.

Posted by Logged Out User  on  03/06  at  02:35 PM

New Jersey
I like this book because its full of cool facts.

For example: it says each year, there are about 16 million thunderstorms around the world. smile  cool smile

Posted by Logged Out User  on  03/06  at  04:10 PM

Favorite book: Corals Reefs

Why I like it: I like it because I think it is AMAZING that us humans can learn about under water animals and know exactly how they live. Also what I love about this book are the pictures that really explain to me what is under our world. I like that the octopus can be camouflaged on page 23.

Posted by Chloe 4-R  on  03/06  at  04:22 PM

My favorite book by Seymour Simon is Penguins. It is my favorite book because I like to hear about Penguins, I am getting interested in how they live and call each other, and the eggs. An example could be I like the picture on page 11! It is so sweet when you see two penguins nuzzling.

Posted by Samantha 4-R  on  03/06  at  04:27 PM

My favorite book from Seymour Simon’s collection is Weather. This is my favorite book because it gives you so much knowledge about what you need to know about weather. For example,Seymour Simon stated on page like about where the sun shines near the equater and it also gives you pictures and arrows to show you where the sun shines and where it warms the earth the most.It also gives you alot of information about the affection the weather does to our planet.
I love this book

Posted by Julie 4th grade Mrs.Britin  on  03/06  at  06:09 PM

My favorite book by Seymour Simon is Animals nobody likes the reason that I pick animals nobody like. Because i would like to know more about the world is the skunk because people think about skunks their mean. If you fear a skunk it will spray you. People say you will smell for a couple days. I say this is my favorite book .You should write more books about animals. Do you like any of those animals the best?

Posted by Alex 4th grade Mrs.Birttin  on  03/06  at  06:13 PM

My favorite book from Seymour Simons collection is Gorillas. Its my favorite book because it tells people about what you wouldn’t think about gorillas. For example in the book the author stated that gorillas don’t pick you up and run off in the wood with you, they don’t climb up skyscrapers and swat at planes, And they don’t try to hurt you in anyway. I also love this story because it gives you so many interesting facts.For example in the story the author stated that Gorillas have 98% of the same DNA humans have of our DNA the author also stated that Gorillas don’t seem like it but there very shy . This book is also my favorite book because it compares what humans and Gorillas have in similar. For instance it says Gorillas have 10 fingers and 10 toes just like us and there also as scared as us of we are of them. I love this book and I would say its the best nonfiction book I ever read of Seymour Simons collection

Posted by Julie 4th Grade Mrs.Britin  on  03/06  at  08:12 PM

My name is Lauren. I am in Mrs. Romano’s class in third grade. My favorite book from Seymour Simon is “Out of sight”. I think it is really cool because there are so many awesome, countless pictures - that are surprisingly so close up! Before I read this book, I didn’t know that one bacteria looked like a spiny sea urchin! (page 5) And who knew the human eye zoomed in looked really cool? I certainly didn’t! you probably didn’t either! But now I do! Thank you Seymour Simon! (:  (:  (:  (:

Posted by Logged Out User  on  03/06  at  10:26 PM

Crocodiles and Alligators
This is my favorite book. I like this book because it tells a lot of facts about crocodiles and alligators. On page 4 of this book the alligators travel together and they are hidden in the river just like in Gator Boys.

Posted by Liam  on  03/07  at  12:02 AM

My favorite book is Alligators & Crocodiles.  I like this book because I love learning about Alligators and collect books on Alligators.  The favorite part of the book for me was learning more about the difference between Alligators and Crocodiles.

On page 9 he describes the difference between the two.  Alligators have a wide rounded snout that looks like the letter U and Crocodiles usually have a more pointed snout that look the handle of a baseball bat.

Posted by Jake 3-M  on  03/07  at  10:12 AM

What is your faforit subject? I saw you today at frankline school!😄

Posted by Evan  on  03/07  at  09:24 PM
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