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What a great idea!  My students will be so excited as they love nonfiction!

Dallas, TX

Posted by Allison Hogan  on  04/02  at  06:15 PM

I will create an area where the turtles will be safe from predators.

Todd, New York

Posted by Todd  on  04/02  at  11:50 PM

My class learned all about sea turtles this fall. I was amazed at how much knowledge they gained. I feel that once you raise students awareness of a problem, they will rise up to help come up with a solution.

Posted by Mrs. Smith  on  04/03  at  12:47 PM

I hope to make a fundraiser for the sea turtles. Maybe, I can paint pictures of sea turtles and sell them. The money can go to foundation that can use it to help them be safe. And to people who are poachers, “NO MORE!”

Annie H.

Posted by Annie H.  on  04/03  at  02:22 PM

I hope I can find some of these turtles on the beach to help them survive by bringing them to the water. Maybe I can try to raise awareness of the turtles to people so they can help too.

Peter L.

Posted by Peter L  on  04/03  at  02:23 PM

It will be great that turtles will be taken off the endangered species list. This shows that they can finally be independent creatures again. The only downside to this arrangement is that the turtles won’t have the added protection that they now have being endangered. For Earth Day it is good to appreciate our wildlife, and our Earth. We should try to take care of our planet more to ensure a better life for all things in the generations to come. wink

Alexandra v.D

Posted by Alexandra v.D  on  04/03  at  02:23 PM

That is so sad! Who could hurt those baby sea turtles! I will do all i can to protect these little guys.

Tatum B.

Posted by Tatum B.  on  04/03  at  02:28 PM

I can’t believe human poachers kill them for their meat, fat, shells and eggs. This really makes me think about nature. I think that is really sad that people snatch them when they are heading into the water. I hope baby sea turtles come off the endangered list too! This kind of stuff makes me wonder what else is happening on earth.

Amber T.

Posted by Amber T,  on  04/03  at  02:29 PM

This makes me think about how we should help ALL animals, ALL of the time. I hope this species of sea turtles get off the endangered list.

Devyn K.

Posted by Devyn K  on  04/03  at  02:30 PM

I think it would be nice to save baby sea turtles. Since they don’t have they mother they to care for them. And you could save a animal that is endangered. And not everyday they are born. It would make turtles not as much endangered if we don’t use them for their shells meat fat and eggs. They need those so they can protect them suff that eat them.And if we take there eggs then they wouldn’t be born. And if we stop cathing them in are nets. If we stop doing them then they would have a safer life.

Jennifer C.

Posted by Jennifer C  on  04/03  at  02:34 PM

I think that what they are doing to save the baby sea turtles is amazing. Hopefully now the sea turtles won’t get killed for their eggs and can live their long lives well and not injured or dead early. For helping our earth my promise is to try picking up trash I see along the beach. It gets me so mad how people just throw their garbage in the ocean and don’t even care what it does to the animals. To keep the animals from eating the garbage I have decided to try clean it up bit by bit. One thing I love about the earth is how beautiful the oceans and beaches are. I love the sand against my heels and the water against my toes. I will make sure that my town has water against their toes and not garbage.

Lindsey B.

Posted by Lindsey B  on  04/03  at  02:36 PM

i think sea turtles rock deffinetly going to say that i belive that no animals should try to kill them in the first 6.5 seconds of there life

Posted by Jimbo  on  04/03  at  02:37 PM

This story gives me the idea to have a special day that justs revolves around baby sea turtles so they can start their journey safley without any poachers or predators trying to kill them for money. Right from when they are born, people who want to preserve the sea turtles can volunteer to make sure that no are near the eggs to harm them. Up until the day that the eggs hatch and the sea turtles start towards the ocean, the volunteers that helped the sea turtles stay safe will come to the beach the day they hatch and guide them safley towards the ocean, making sure the water was clear without predators or poachers near the water.The people who come to the beaches to watch or help can donate money to a fundraiser to help the turtles. I want to make this happen because it would help the sea turtles in having a better chance of surviving in the ocean as young sea turtles. I hope that my idea will help many sea turtles all around the world.

Katie E

Posted by Katie E  on  04/03  at  02:45 PM

I hope to save the baby sea turtles! I want to paint pictures of sea turtles and sell them. Then give the money to a foundation to help keep them safe.

Annie H.

Posted by Annie. H  on  04/03  at  02:46 PM

i wish that turtles had this scent that predators would not eat them cause there odor smells bad to them. Because they would not eat them. i freely think that people should help turtles into the water and they will live happily. Not just on earth day on everyday.    P.S be a animal care taker cool smirk

Tim C.

Posted by tim c.  on  04/03  at  02:53 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,                                                 
I feel special when I see butterflies.I think they help the world. They spread pollen and they make people feel happy,sad,calm and lots more feelings.
cool smirk  cool smirk  cool smirk

Toby Z.
Menands School
Menands New York

Posted by Toby  on  04/04  at  03:22 PM

Dear Seymour simon what came first the sea turtles or the eeg.

Posted by Christopher  on  04/06  at  08:14 AM

As a class we have decided to pick up all of the trash on the ground that we see during school and outside of school to help our environment. We will also make posters to hang in school to help educate the school about what we are doing and hopefully our posters will help inspire other classmates and teachers to help the environment as well.

Middle Gate School
3rd Grade (Monday) Library Class
Ms. Mauro

Posted by Ms. Mauro  on  04/09  at  04:02 PM

What A seal poor seal

PDN Texas

Posted by Abby  on  04/16  at  03:13 PM

A www!! They re so cute!!! How can I help???


Posted by Spongebob  on  04/16  at  03:16 PM

In what beach did you take this picture?


Posted by Eric  on  04/16  at  04:14 PM

I like the picture;)


Posted by Texas  on  04/16  at  04:16 PM

Maybe if we could buy a part of the beach for the baby sea turtles to get in the water safely.


Posted by Angel  on  04/16  at  04:17 PM

We think that if we can work together, we can also help endangered species.

Amanda and Vivian

Posted by Amanda And Vivian  on  04/16  at  04:19 PM

I can t believe potures will kill these beautiful animals !!!!!! I hope we save all the sea turtles!!! Karen and my partner Dan

Karen and Dan

Posted by Karen and Dan  on  04/16  at  04:19 PM
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