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Beam-A source of light that gives off a powerful blast.

    Why I think this word is awesome- I think this word awesome because I’ve been learning about energies in school.

    sentence-With my laser beam I will blowup the moon.

Posted by Jack  on  01/08  at  10:39 PM

Penn Valley Elementary

              Awesome Science Word

a dark shape made on the ground when the light is covered.

Shadows are cool because it’s kind of like the sun is drawing a picture of you.

When I was walking around Disney World my shadow was always there.

Posted by Amanda  on  01/09  at  12:27 PM

Penn Valley

                Awesome Science

A large, dark, storm cloud that produces rain.

I think it’s awesome because i’m fascinated that the moisture in the air is stored in a cloud and when it gets full, it rains.

When I look up at the sky, sometimes I see a nimbus cloud, floating by.

Posted by Annie  on  01/09  at  12:36 PM
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