Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 01/31 at 09:36 AM


thank you for have you for my frist vurtal arthur

Posted by alessandro  on  01/31  at  12:10 PM

Hi thank you very much for having a virtual visit i loved it again thank you.

Posted by liz  on  01/31  at  12:13 PM

Thank you for your awsome visit to James fallon scool it was so much fun to talk with you and you are a really nice person. I wish I could met you in person but the virtual visit was fun too. The pitures you showed us I was crackin my head off. You are very nice your.
firend daniel                        
                        p. s you rock

Posted by Daniel  on  01/31  at  12:14 PM

Hi Mr. Seymour Simon!:) I am a big fan of you and all of your books. You inspire me to be an author one day. I hope i can be a great author like you. The only thing is i dont like science, but i can always write about another subject such as; social studies or math books. yes that is what i just might do actually i know that is what i’ll do.I can even right about riddles or myths just like you!!! I like how you take your fascanating photos. I hpoe i am like you one day! I hope i am like you one day!  grin

Posted by Haley  on  01/31  at  12:14 PM

Thanx 4 the web visit! It was outstanding like your book Strange Mysteries. Your the boom:):):):):):):):)

Posted by Linz  on  01/31  at  12:14 PM

I loved it so much he was a lot of fun it would be great other schools to do it to I personally loved it I learned a lot I would let him come back 100 more times I would spend all my mony on thats how much I loved him I really really liked it

from jake

Posted by Jake  on  01/31  at  12:16 PM

I saw you at my school yesterday. But I didn’t get to ask my question it is : Where do you get your information? I love all your books.

Posted by Felicia  on  01/31  at  03:08 PM

dear seymour simon,
do you remember me im from james fallon i asked you this question. do you travel the whole world to find your photographs? Now do you rember me? I was the one with the brown hair in a bun with hoop earings. you are the best auther i ever met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you your so cooooooooooooolllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by LIVIA  on  01/31  at  04:18 PM

I had a great Skype visit with the students from James Fallon. What fun! I hope that many of you stay connected on my website and blog. Try your own writing on Writing Wednesdays and maybe join the Paper Airplane Club on my site?

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  02/01  at  06:41 AM

Thx you so much for coming and visiting my 5th grade class. I really enjoyed it. Your a great author.

Your Friend Claudia smile

Posted by Claudia  on  02/01  at  11:21 AM

seeing seymour on scipe was awesome. I just got one of his books wolves. I cant wait to read it

Posted by theguywhocanfly  on  02/01  at  11:22 AM

I really liked seeing seymour simon talk to us and show us the paper airplane flying from the tower

Posted by harry  on  02/01  at  11:26 AM

Heyy It was so nice to meet. my favorite part was when you showed us the video of the paper airplane

Posted by nickademas  on  02/01  at  11:27 AM

Hey it was so cool to meet you. My favorite part was when you showed us the video with the paper airplane.

Posted by Joulio  on  02/01  at  11:30 AM

I love your They are so fun to read!!!:)

Posted by Jessica  on  02/01  at  11:31 AM

I liked our virtural visit. I enjoyed ur answers.i loved ur visit . thank you a again see ya later. wink

Posted by Alexis  on  02/01  at  11:31 AM

thank you for comming.

Posted by bob  on  02/01  at  11:32 AM

Dear Mr. Simon,

      Thank you so much for virtually visiting our school. I didn’t know much about you at first, but now I am going crazy about your books! My favorite book that you wrote is Strange Mysteries.
                                    Thanks again,

Posted by Christina  on  02/01  at  11:34 AM

Deatr, Mr. Seymour Simon

    Thank you so much for coming to James Fallon school! You were my favriote author, and you were the first author ever that we had a virtual visit with! My favriote part was when you showed us the paper air plane video! I was laughing so hard! You were awesome! I loved your visit

                  From, Jade grin

Posted by Jade  on  02/01  at  11:36 AM

I love your books there the best. Don’t tell any other authers!

Posted by Vinny  on  02/01  at  12:02 PM

hello mr. simon
thank you for your awesome experance of comin. You are my favorite author.

Posted by Ava  on  02/01  at  12:08 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,
Thank you so much for visting James Fallon. I had alot of fun listening about stuff you and your books!! I hope you come again some time!! smile

Posted by Emily  on  02/01  at  12:58 PM

Thank you for meeting my school. We had a great time grin I would like to know who inspired you to write children’s books?


Posted by SAMI  on  02/02  at  04:49 PM

Thanks for coming to our school. I am new at this school and this is my first author vist. I am so exited to finally see you.

Posted by Judy  on  02/03  at  08:25 AM

Thank you. I think that you are a very good author. I love to read any book that you wrote.

Posted by Julia  on  02/03  at  08:26 AM
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