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Me and my friend, Autumn,  love your cat blog and we are going to share a little about our cats. My cat`s name is Zippy she is incredibly funny and she always sleeps a lot! Autumn`s cat is named Cricket. She wakes Autumn up every night by purring in her face. She is so fluffy and she loves to sleep a lot! We both love our kittens!

Posted by Dylan and Autumn  on  02/16  at  02:55 PM

My cats Rudy and Skye are the best cats anyone could have!
Rudy is a boy with orange, red and some brown fur. He is a big, fat cat who rolls around, sleeps, and eats all day.

Skye is a girl cat, her breed is known as a blue somali but she really isn’t blue. When you go up to her she either runs away or stays there and headbuts you.

I have two birds. When they’re on my moms shoulder, Skye goes right to her, Rudy sometimes goes to her. But sometimes Skye is like a ninja and jumps and pounces.

But whatever my cats do I still love them! smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

Posted by Ryan  on  02/16  at  08:32 PM

My favorite cats are my cats, Jupiter, and Luna,Poshy,and Baby
They are my favorite cats because their really friendly(:

Posted by Matthew  on  02/17  at  02:57 PM

I am allergic to cats achoooo!

Posted by Hunter  on  02/17  at  02:58 PM

I love all animals. Mostly the cute ones.cats and dogs are my favorites.I want a cat but my brother (Hunter) and my dad are allergic to them.

Posted by Maggie  on  02/17  at  07:24 PM

I love cats! I cant get one though because my brother (Hunter) and my dad are allergic.

Posted by Maggie  on  02/17  at  08:33 PM

Hi, this is Dylan I was from your blog before i`m also talking about my other cat Crockett she is very shy but also lovable!
She has a sister named Zippy that is very cute! We got them about 3 years ago, but they surprise us with something new everyday! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! raspberry

Posted by dylan  on  02/19  at  12:07 PM

I love my cats chip and oscar. chip looks like a tiger but with black,white, and grey colors. Oscar is black and white. I love them because they are very friendly and do really pathetic things that make me laugh

Posted by chip312  on  02/25  at  11:08 PM

I have a cat called an odd eyed white. His name is Merlin. He has 1 blue eye, and 1 green eye. He is completely white. His is very lazy and every day he lays down in his cat bed and waits for me to come home from school. He lays down next to me and I pet him for a while. I love him because he is a very affectionate cat. smile

Posted by Marissa  on  02/28  at  07:42 PM

I have a pet cat.His name is Brutus. He just started to like me. He used to run away if I tried to pet him. Now he will come to me if he wants to be petted. He is 10 years old. Once we brought my grandmom’s dog to the house and it chased Brutus around the house.I tackled the dog to save Brutus. Brutus doesn’t like dogs.

Posted by Chris B.  on  03/10  at  02:19 PM

I have two cats named Missy and Tuffy, I used to have one named Sneakers because his paws were all white. He was Missy’s brother but he died from a rare feline disease. I love Tuffy because in the morning before school I always have cereal and he jumps up on the table with his big fat belly and tries to steal some milk. It adds to his non stop curious personality. He chases and torments Missy. Missy is losing her fur because of allergies (that’s what the vet said). We think she is just licking it off. She is the kind of cat that loves snuggling and being petted.

Posted by Christian  on  11/21  at  08:40 PM
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