Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 12/14 at 10:59 PM


If I found a seal in my bed, I would be very suprised! smile

Adorable picture!

Posted by Marissa  on  12/16  at  02:57 PM

I can’t imagine walking into my house with a seal sleeping on my couch. I once walked downstairs and saw a squirrel in my family room that was running around. My uncle told me that squirrels can squeeze under doors that have less than an inch crack. Maybe that’s how the squirrel got into our house.

Posted by Olivia  on  12/16  at  03:10 PM

Aww, she should have kept Lucky…

Posted by Matt  on  12/16  at  03:11 PM

that is so cool. I can’t beleave it!  big surprise

Posted by daniella  on  12/19  at  03:16 PM

New zealand is one of my favourite countries again,strange is my middle name (not really)

Posted by Martin  on  12/22  at  06:24 PM

That is so cute! And i saw that baby seal on the news! They talked about how it wandered in to the house. But later on released!

Posted by kiera  on  01/02  at  03:16 PM

I would ask animal control if I could keep the seal it would be cool because no person has a pet seal!I wonder why the seal came to her house? Maybe the smell or the way it looked!  raspberry smile raspberry smile raspberry smile LOL

Posted by Monica  on  02/27  at  11:00 PM
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