Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 03/09 at 10:34 AM


Thank you for coming.We had a great time.I like the video when you fly the paper airplane outside it was amazing.


Posted by Nancy Sposito  on  03/09  at  04:54 PM

Dear   Seymour   Simon, 
    Thank   you   for   coming .  We liked   your   books.  We wish   you   would   come again. We   would   like   more   books.    Thank   you   for   coming   very   much.
Thank   you.

Posted by Nancy Sposito  on  03/09  at  05:19 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,

Thank you so much for coming to our school and listening to our poem! We heard you put it on your website and we want to help you, to make it complete!
  In the part where it talks about police dogs it says: police dogs stop all types of theft-also later on in the poem it says:But spiders are creepy and they are hard to spot,(instead of stop).Another thing is that at the end of the poem it says:huge coastal storms known as hurricanes, he knows all about them, he uses his brain. The history of them, old and new, and how they can form he tells to you.—- That is it, thank you so much for everything you’ve done, the 5th grade MIT and the whole Menands school enjoyed your visit so much.
                                      The fifth grade    

Posted by 5th grade MIT  on  03/09  at  06:50 PM

Ahhhhhhh…...thank you, Fifth Grade MIT. Those are the words I needed. Much better!!

Posted by Seymour Simon  on  03/09  at  07:23 PM

Hi Seymour Simon i am glad that you came on Thursday because i was happy to see you and that you told us about your books and your videos that you showed us how to make paper airplares From Alexa   smile

Posted by Alexa  on  03/09  at  08:19 PM

Hi Mr. Simon,
  My class really enjoyed getting ready for your visit.  They learned so many new and interesting things.  When they finally got to meet you, I think many of them felt that they really knew you personally.  Thank you for being so kind and patient with them. 
  We have a question for you.  Which book was your first?

Posted by Donna Putnam  on  03/09  at  10:26 PM

Dear Seymore Simon
Have you ever seen a orca when you took the picture
for the book? Abbi smile

Posted by Abbigayle  on  03/09  at  11:15 PM

dear mr simon it is mahila from 5th grade m.i.t..
I was wondering what book are you planning to write next. I was wondering if you would like to write about the topic “Technology Takeover”. I also thought you would like to write about smuggling of dangerous house pets.

Posted by mahila  on  03/10  at  01:49 AM

Dear Seymour Simon,
I was wondering if you could write a book about the way people make printers and fax machines. I would really like to know exactly how they work. Also,can you write a book on how to weave/knit with yarn.

-Dennis from the fifth grade M.I.T

Posted by Dennis  on  03/10  at  02:11 PM

Dear Seymour Simon,
I was wondering how many schools,on average do you go to?

Posted by Dennis  on  03/10  at  10:33 PM
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