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I love this idea. My family is spiritual but not religious, and we’re very tired of all the commercialism of the Christmas season. A seasonal book that celebrates nature in all its beauty sounds wonderful – something we’d come back to every year. Please write this book!

Posted by Carley Casey  on  12/20  at  08:41 PM

Hello Seymour,
It is Anne Skrebutenas from Hillside School in Niskayuna. It was so wonderful to have you visit. I especially enjoyed your presentation on the solar system, and it got me thinking about the sun, specifically how the days are getting shorter now leading up to the Solstice.

I know you said you can pick your book topics and since my birthday is on the Winter Solstice I have always had an interest in knowing more about it but I grew up not really understanding much about what it meant, since there are no children’s books out there done scientifically that I am aware of approaching the subject.
I think this should definitely be a book you consider writing and I see you already have been which is great. It would be great if you could talk about the Summer Solstice also, and the Equinoxes as well in the book, as I dont think kids really understand this.
I also never heard the Winter Solstice referred to as the longest night before, so I loved that. I grew up hearing I was born on the shortest day!

Posted by Anne Skrebutenas  on  12/03  at  12:17 AM
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