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My awesome science word is…...
Aerodynamics! The definition of my word is a science of air flows and other gases that goes around and object in motion.
I think my word is awesome because….
We need to use this type of science everyday and aerodynamics is very useful.
Aerodynamics helps pilots with piloting a plane.

William P, Mrs. Bobear`s 5th Grade! smile

Posted by William P  on  01/15  at  06:06 PM

My awesome science word is abdomen. An abdomen is part of an animal or human body like there stomach. I think my word is awesome because it would be cool to learn about an animal or humans body. An abdomen is parts of a human or animals body. Kristiana 4th grade Mr. Shippees class.

Posted by kristiana  on  01/16  at  11:49 AM

Hi! Thank you for coming to my school! smile

Asher N.

Posted by Asher N.  on  01/16  at  07:20 PM

The words i came up with are…
and so much more that i could have ben here all day! tongue wink
may the blog be with you!

Posted by unyque  on  01/16  at  11:28 PM
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