Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/13 at 07:39 AM


I promise to pick up garbage on the ground if I can for the rest of my life

Robert B.

Posted by Robert B  on  04/16  at  10:53 AM

I promise not to liter.

Kevin F

Posted by Kevin F  on  04/16  at  11:01 AM

I promise to turn off the lights and open the currtens.


Posted by sarag  on  04/16  at  11:03 AM

I promise that I will plant more trees so we can have more oxygen.

Shaylyn B

Posted by shaylyn b  on  04/16  at  11:10 AM

My Earth-Day Promise is to pick up litter.

James Fallon School

Posted by Paul  on  04/16  at  11:50 AM

I promise to save water by not using a lot of it and turning the facut off when I`m done smile

James Fallon Elementary
Mrs. Maggio
New Jersey

Posted by Paige  on  04/16  at  11:56 AM

Salamanaders are cool


Posted by Danielle  on  04/16  at  03:16 PM

I like the lizards color


Posted by Karen  on  04/16  at  03:16 PM

The information on the lizard really help me to take care of my lizard and to get A   on my science project!!!!!!!!!

Irania A.
El Paso, Texas

Posted by Irania A.  on  04/16  at  04:19 PM

I love to see lizards in peoples hands how super duper cool

El Paso, Texas

Posted by Leo  on  04/17  at  01:38 PM

That lizard looks super cool! And I like the camouflage.


Posted by Angel/Paul  on  04/17  at  01:40 PM

We really liked the highway picture because it looked really cool the way it went fast.
The salamander looked liked the street because it has yellow dots.

From Paso Del Norte

Posted by Juan/Jose  on  04/18  at  01:37 PM
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