Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 07/05 at 11:38 AM


I would be SCARD if that was in my garage!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Madison  on  07/19  at  10:44 AM

I think I would walk away and click my heels “There s no place like home”

Posted by Me  on  07/25  at  01:00 AM

That is so cool!

Posted by Mary  on  07/30  at  12:31 PM

If that happened to me, i would back away slowly and when i got away from the garage, run for my life. ;D I would be so scared if that really happened!

Posted by Marissa  on  11/07  at  11:48 PM

O.M.G WoW that was so scary a mountain lion in somebodys home it is so scary how didi you get this scary photo.

Posted by Fiorela 4 C  on  12/01  at  12:29 PM

wow that must of been scary! i’ll never ever find a way that it could’ve gotten in there.

Posted by dylan  on  12/01  at  12:29 PM
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